Veggie Protein Chart

Veggie Protein Chart

Do you know we need between .8g-1g of protein per kg of our body weight daily?  And that many of us eat way too much unnecessary low-nutrient carbs? Here is a list of some great vegan proteins showing exactly how much per serving and a smoothie recipe to try out…


 Protein/100 gProtein per servingCalories/10 g
Sun Warrior71.9g21g scoop = 15 g80 kcal
Hemp46g10g heaped tablespoon
=4.6 g
36 kcal
Pea protein80g10g heaped tablespoon
=8 g
35 kcal
Peanut Butter29.6g10g heaped tablespoon
= 2.96g
59.6 kcal
Moringa23.8g10g heaped tablespoon
= 2.38g
30.7 kcal
1 banana 1 medium banana
= 1.3g
105 kcal
Raw cacoa beans12g10g heaped tablespoon
= 1.2g
60 kcal
Smoothie 35.44g                                   406.3 kcal

For Vegan Protein smoothie, just blend powders, banana, water and ice. Mix and match to meet protein/calories levels that you need. To add of the powders, you will be making a very filling smoothie. Feel free to leave one or two of the powders out. Also please note the Sun warrior has added stevia, a natural sweetener. It tastes like an artificial sweetener but it very natural. If you don’t want added sweetener, I recommend a double spoon of the Pea Protein instead. For my own body weight this smoothie (even with 3-4 protein powders) is more than 50 % the RDA of protein and I like to take this in the morning with any other vitamin supplements I am taking to have it done and dusted for the day.
P.S I have included Peanut butter cos it tastes great, but it often contains a fungus called Aflatoxin which depresses the immune, so I limit it and add in other nut butters as options.

Now lets compare to the average veggie breakfast….

 Protein per 100 gProtein per servingCalories per servingCalories for breakfast
Egg13g1 egg = 6 g80 kcal2 eggs = 160 kcal
Toast 2.5g652 slices = 130 kcal
With butter .04g36 per pat2 pats= 72 kcal
Breakfast 8.54181kcal362 kcal


 Protein per servingCalories per serving
without pea protein
27.44370.3 kcal
Eggs n’ Toast8.54362 kcal

Result : Protein Smoothie has roughly the same amount of calories and over 3 times more protein than the average veggie breakfast.

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