300 hr Yoga Teacher and Therapy Training Ireland

300 hr Yoga Teacher and Therapy Training Ireland

Advanced 300 hr Yoga Teacher and Therapy Training IrelandThis training is for teachers who already have completed 200 hr training successfully. It aims to:

* Take your Vinyasa practice to the next level and deepen your understanding of your body.

* Advance your teaching skills, train you how to teach advanced asana and prepare you to teach workshops.

* Train you as a Yoga Therapist, both in Neuro-muscular Yoga Therapy and the application of yoga therapy practices for working with diseases.

* Train you as a Yin Yoga Teacher.

* Re-connect deeper into your spiritual core through meditation, philosophy and pranayama.

This course is a unique combination of strong, physically-challenging modern Vinyasa, Yin Yoga and Yoga Therapy. It aims to advance teachers asana practice and provide a framework for diving deeper into all dimensions of the practice. In addition yoga teachers can train to become yoga therapists. This course will equip teachers with everything they need to know to establish a yoga therapy clinic or teach specialized therapeutic groups or classes. The Neuro-muscular Yoga therapy is a combination of Neuro Muscular therapy and Yoga therapeutics. It is scientific in nature, with in-depth anatomy at its base, but acknowledges the significance of the mind and emotions in maintaining good physical health.

Course Trainers:
Carol Murphy : Course director
Subjects : Vinyasa, Anatomy, Neuro-Muscular Yoga Therapy, pranayama, philosophy, meditation.
Josh Summers : Yin Trainer
Josh will teach his level 1 and 2 modules over 60 hrs
Medha Hernandez : Yoga Therapy
Medha will teach Yoga therapy in relation to the systems of the body and various pathologies over approximately 40 hrs