Advancing Asana Trainings
Strengthen your practice and continue to grow

Join us on the mat for monthly Asana workhops. Whether you are a trained teacher or aspiring yogi, and want to develop your asana practice, these workshops offer you the opportunity to strengthen your practice. There are a couple of option to choose from. 

These classes are held in Yogamoves, Gort, Galway. They also be taken on Zoom.

Strengthening Foundation

2 hr Monthly Workshops,
Saturday and Sundays once a month

 Level 2 Asana

9.00 – 12.00 a.m

The Strengthening Foundation classes offer you the option of joining the 200 hr Vinyasa morning classes. Every month we focus on a particular theme. These classes are suitable for teachers who want to continue strengthening their level 2 practice, even after they are trained, aspiring yogis with at least 1 year yoga practice, or future trainees who wish to dip their yoga toes in before committing to a full training. If you are on the fence about your level, please email and I will advise before you book. 

Feb 17th-18th
March 23rd-24th
April 20th-21st
May 18th-19th
June 15th-16th
July 20th-21st
August 17th-18th
September 21st-22nd

Advancing Asana

2.5 hr Monthly Workshops,
1st Saturday of the Month

Intermediate and Advanced Asana

9.30 – 12.00 a.m.

Advancing asana is a series of Monthly Workshops for teachers and strong intermediate students.  These workshops usually start with a Flow section and then focus on Inversions and Arm Balances, Backbends, Hip Openers and Core.

We meet on the first Saturday of every month.

This training is intended for students with a strong foundation who wish to advance their asana practice. Just like any class, the level will vary and students will be offered modifications to suit varied ability; however we will be working on: 

  • Standing Flows incorporating Side Plank and Tiger Curl.
  • Inversions such as Headstand, Handstand and Elbow Balance (against the wall if necessary)
  • Arm Balances, such as Crow, Flying Splits etc.
  • Backbends such as Wheel, Pigeon poses etc.

If you want to continue advancing your asana and do not feel that you are ready for level 2-3 asana, you might prefer the Strengthening Foundation Asana Training.

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