Gentle Yoga Teacher Training

Deepen your healing practice and learn how to share ancient teachings in a modern world

September 2022 - July 2023

Join us for this healing journey of mind, body and soul and learn how to share the practice with others. This is a gentle yoga training to help you nourish your mind and spirit and connect with your body as your living temple. It offers a therapeutic focus and the practices are grounded in present moment awareness. Alignment is guided not just by anatomy and bio-mechanical alignment cues, but also by the meditative felt sense of body, breath and spirit. It is a deeply intimate experience between yoga and self. Graduates of this training will be able to teach a wide range of classes including Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, Slow Flow, SomaRoll Yoga or even brand their classes as Gentle Yoga where all these practices are combined, through a deep sense of energetic alignment and spiritual wisdom. This training is also trauma-informed, allowing students to work through any residual trauma that may be held in the nervous system, in the body or being acted out karmically and to help others move through trauma-related obstacles back into the flow of being. 

Slow Flow & Gentle Hatha

The Gentle Yoga training combines Slow Flow and gentle Hatha to help students gently strengthen the body and unwind stress.

You will learn sequencing that not only stabilise the joints, strengthen the body and develop mobility, but also help you to balance your energetics and regulate your nervous system in

relation to stress and tension.

You will also learn how to share these teaching with others and develop your teaching voice.

Yin Yoga


  • Fascia and Myofascial Trains
  • Yin Yoga poses, modifications etc.
  • How to sequence Yin Yoga Classes
  • The 5 elements in relation to Traditional Chinese Medicine, seasons and senses
  • TCM Acupressure points 


  • Yin Yoga classes to deepen your practice integrating spiritual themes, TCM meridians, elements and seasons. 

Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching practice of poses 
  • Modification of poses
  • Integrating the energetics of TCM meridians 
  • Accupuncture points with balls.  

Restorative Yoga


  • The science relating to the relaxation response
  • Restorative Yoga poses, modifications etc.
  • How to sequence Restorative Yoga classes
  • Integrating Hatha & Tantra energetics into Restorative classes
  • Holding space


  • Restorative practices to soothe, balance and re-set the nervous system. 

Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching restorative poses
  • How and when to use props
  • Integrating energetics into teaching postures
  • Cueing and Scripting classes
  • Assessment preparation

Subtle Anatomy, Pranayama and Meditation​


  • Chakras, 
  • Vayus. 
  • Doshas
  • Koshas
  • Gunas
  • The science and benefits of Pranayama.
  • Pratyahara
  • Integrating subtle anatomy into restorative classes


  • Subtle Anatomy Meditations
  • Witness based meditations
  • Pranayama – a wide varierty of breath practices to help recover the nervous system from stress, depression and trauma 
  • Pratyahara and Shanmukhi mudra

Yoga Philosophy

The philosophy on our trainings is delivered in a non-dogmatic way, inviting group discussions where all beliefs and opinions are respected. We use class discussions, circles, artwork, chanting, empathetic listening and meditation processes to explore the spiritual systems of Patanjali’s sutras, Vedanta, Advaita Vedanta, Samkhya and Tantra.  

We believe that these spiritual systems all offer a different perspective of the same truth and we hope that in our explorations, students can find in these belief systems, tools to strengthen the mind, emotions and spirit, a spiritual rock to lean on in times of need, deeper insight to our true nature and a deeper sense of worth that lies inherent in our being. 

Carol Murphy is the primary philosophy teacher on this training and has studied philosophy at University (B.A, M.Phil) in addition to exploring Indian spirituality. She believes it is a true blessing to be able to explore this work within a group and many students have said that this part of the training has been life-changing for them.

Trauma-informed Yoga

Theory - pre-reading and class summary

  • Balancing the nervous system in relation to the trauma response. 
  • The biology of trauma.
  • How trauma effects
    •  the nervous system, 
    • endocrine system, 
    • digestive system, 
    • muscular system and 
    • immune system. 
  • Holding a trauma sensitive space. 

Functional Yoga Anatomy and Alignment

The anatomy on the training offer students a way to deepen their relationship with their own bodies and to feel confident working with other people’s bodies. Understanding anatomy will help all aspects of your yoga practice and teaching and will inspire students to trust you in relation to physical health. 

The anatomy on this training is a combination of biomechanics and biotensegrity. Biomechanics gives us information about individual muscle functions and how musles support joint stability etc. Biotensegrtiy is fascial-based anatomy and supports the practices of Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, trauma-sensitive yoga and interoception exercises, such as yoga nidra. 


This Foundation 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training is accredited with Yoga Alliance.  

Extra Details

September 17th-18th

October 22nd-23rd

November 19th-20th

December 10th-11th

January 14th-15th

Feb 11th – 12th

March 11th-12th

April 15th-16th

May 13th-14th

June 10th-11th

July 15th-16th

The  weekend of the training can be taken on Zoom or in Yogamoves studio in  Gort, Galway. The studio holds 28 people. It is fully propped with mats, bolsters, blankets, bricks and belts. It has a kitchen with fridge, kettle etc and separate toilet. It also has changing rooms for students to store their clothes etc. 

Gort is a small town on the edge of the Burren. There are great restaurants close by to eat in and there are lots of airbnb and bnb options ranging from €25-€100 per night for students staying overnight. We can also help you team up with other students to share air BNB if you wish.  

Anatomy – Each section of the anatomy training has a homework assignment. 

Yin Yoga – You will be asked to teach a 15-minute yin class.

Restorative Yoga – You will be asked to teach a 15-minute restorative class. 

Pranayama – You will be asked to teach a 15-minute breathwork class.

SomaRoll Yoga – You will be given short theory homework quizzes

Philosophy – This section will not be assessed. You will be asked to reflect on themes and encouraged to journal your thoughts for the year. 

The Gentle Yoga Training Includes

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