Meath- June

June 23rd @ The Yogawell, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath

The Art of Allowing – a backbending workshop
10.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Natajarasana-croppedBackbends require a certain amount of surrender. They can be strenuous but do not involve pushy biomechanical strength like in arm balances; some physical strength is needed, but what is more important is our ability to allow and let go as the muscles and fascia on the front of the body lengthens and opens. This workshop combines alignment breakdown of backbends with breath work and gentle release work to release areas of tightness. We will be building up to Wheel, Pigeon and variations of Dolphin.

Pre-requisites : A willingness to let go ! 

Price €35 for one workshop or €60 for two. 



Warrior Within – an Inversions, core and arm balances workshop

1.30 p.m.- 4.00- p.m.

tittibhasana croppedThis workshops explores themes of strength, stepping into your power and finding trust and courage to find your warrior within. We will work predominantly with inversions, core and arm balances to find your edge and challenge your comfort zone, just enough for you to be able to rise above the mental obstacles that hold you back. We will work on perfecting Chaturanga, Side plank, crow, Headstand and L-shape Handstand with possible options for more advanced variations depending on individual level. As with all of Carol’s workshops, alignment and anatomy of the poses will also be explained, offering you a deeper understanding of these poses in relation to your body. 

Pre-requisites : A willingness to shine ! 



TTC Open –  4.15 p.m. If anyone would like to hear more about the Yoga Well Teaching Training starting in Jan 2019, Carol will talk through the curriculum and answer any questions.


€35 for one workshop / 15 deposit

€60 for both workshops / 25 deposit

GLY teachers discount

€20 for 1 workshop / 15 deposit

€30 f0r 2 workshops / 25 deposit


PROBLEM SHOOTING  : Occasionally the paypal stops working and we have to reload it due to a wordpress incompatibility issue. If this happens, we woulds be grateful if you could email us and we will fix it our end. Looking forward to seeing you there !