MFR charity class – Nov 1st

MyoFascial Release and the Chakras

@ Yoga Le Gra
Not 1st – 6 p.m. 

In this class, we will use therapy balls to work deep into the Fascia in relation to the Chakras or phycho-energetic centres of the body in order to release held tensions in the central nervous system. There is a close connection between CNS and the Fascia and it is believed that many held tension patterns and post traumatic stress patterns reside there. In the words of Tom Meyers, “our issues are in our tissues” and we need to be able to change on the level of the fascia and the CNS for real healing to take place. 
This class is donation-based.
Yoga Le Gra set up a week for free classes and will be donating all proceeds to the homeless.