Yin Yoga and Yoga Arts retreat Cadiz Spain Oct. 2016

Yin Yoga Training level 2 and optional Vinyasa mornings retreat
Grazalema retreat centre, Cadiz, Spain
October 22nd – October 29th 2016

Level 2 Yin Yoga Training with Josh Summers

Option 2 :  Yin Yoga Training  and Vinyasa morning retreat with Josh and Carol
October 22nd-29th 2016.

josh summers 2

The Yin training is 30 hrs over 6 nights/5 days.
The Yin training and Yoga arts options is over 7 nights/6 days.

Josh will start the retreat on the Saturday 22nd at 5.30pm with an introduction session and meditation. The training will then start the next morning. He finishes on Thursday 27th at 5.30pm

Who is this for? The training is recommended for any teacher or student wishing to bring a variety of approaches to mindfulness into their classes. In this immersive training, mindfulness meditation is practiced in both seated meditation and Yin Yoga sequences. It is requested that attendees have a practice and understanding of how to do Yin Yoga prior to this immersion (the basics of Yin Yoga will not be covered here). Additionally, students who are interested in deepening their meditation practice may attend.
Please note: Although this course will draw heavily from Buddhist meditation teaching, you don’t need to be a Buddhist to practice and share these liberating tools of awareness.
The Vinyasa classes are suitable for teachers, trainees or advanced practitioners only.
The other yoga arts subjects are suitable for everyone.

Building on Josh’s popular Foundations Module, the Mindfulness Module emphasizes the practice and teaching of mindfulness meditation within the discipline of Yin Yoga. Subjects covered are :

  • The Mindfulness Immersion is structured around a thorough examination of a
    core Buddhist meditation text — The Satipatthana Sutta — The Sutta on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. This text provides a treasure trove of material to share with students in a Yin classroom. Meditative themes will include theoretical and practical approaches to these Four Foundations: Body (kaya), Feeling tones (vedana), Mind-states (citta), and Categories of Experience (dhammas)
  • For each category of contemplation (ie. body, mind-states, etc), a variety of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ forms of meditative tools will be cultivated and explored
  • Deepen your own direct meditative experience to empower your teaching with a voice of authenticity and clarity.
  • Address approaches to teaching meditation in a secular, non-religious manner
  • Guide students to observe the process of their experience without getting lost in the content


Vinyasa mornings retreat with Carol

Carol’s Vinyasa style is challenging, creative, anatomically focused and fun. This week’s asana will be a combination of led classes and self practice classes with Carol adjusting. It is a time to immerse your self deeper into your body, mind and heart. These classes are only suitable for teachers, trainees and advanced Vinyasa practitioners.
Carol will also teach the other yoga arts subjects which help practitioners integrate their experiences of the weeks consciously and with support. Carol will finish off an Osho-inspired Kundalini Trance dance practice, which is a meditative process, where you take your sadhana onto the dance floor.

Optional Add on Advanced Vinyasa Mornings
These classes are part of the 300hr Advanced TTC and are suitable for other teachers only.

Price :The price of the Yin training is 800 euros, which includes 30 hours Yin Training, shared accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals a day.
The price of the Yin Training and Yoga Arts is 980 euros.  There is an option to add an extra night’s accommodation for 88euro or 108euro which will include the Vinyasa class.
Booking in advance is essential as there are limited places.
Flights : Flight costs are not included in the price of the training. Best airport is Malaga.