Nenagh- Oct

October 6th @ Physiofit Yoga studio, Nenagh
with Carol Murphy

The Art of Allowing – a backbending workshop
10.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

Natajarasana-croppedBackbends require a certain amount of surrender. They are strenuous but do not involve pushy biomechanical strength like in arm balances; some physical strength is needed, but what is more important is our ability to allow and let go as the muscles and fascia on the front of the body lengthens and opens. This workshop combines alignment breakdown of backbends with breath work and gentle release work to release areas of tightness, building up to wheel, pigeon and supported hollowbacks.

Pre-requisites : A willingness to let go ! 

Price €35 for one workshop or €60 for two. 



Warrior Within – an Inversions, core and arm balances workshop
1.30 p.m.- 4.00- p.m.

tittibhasana croppedThis workshops explores themes of strength, stepping into your power and finding trust and courage to find your warrior within. We will work predominantly with inversions, core and arm balances to find your edge and challenge your comfort zone, just enough for you to be able to rise above the mental obstacles that hold you back. In this way we use yoga asana not only to perfect the pose, but also to offer you this opportunity to step into your strength and move beyond self- limiting beliefs and redundant patterns that limit you. As with all of Carol’s workshops, alignment and anatomy of the poses will also be explained, offering you a deeper understanding of these poses in relation to your body. 

Pre-requisites : A willingness to shine ! 

Price €35 for one workshop or €60 for two.