A new eating Paradigm

One of the interesting things about detoxing is observing your symptoms and your cravings…..
After you do this for a while, you start to question, about the sanity in putting these foods back again your body again….
The coffee feels good at the time for example, but if you are gonna detox again, is it worth that throbbing headache when you detox again …
After you break the pattern, its not too hard to eat these foods occasionally, but be wary of entering back into daily habits….

One of the reasons, we do “go back” though, other than social pressures, the lure of addictive substances, comfort eating etc…. is not knowing how to change your diet…. I hope the following recipes and advice will help …..

Please note these recipes will be added when we get the time. We will make sure we have it done by the time you finish your cleanse… 🙂