with Carol Murphy Tashi Dawa and Kevin Boyle
Feb 15th - March 14th 2021

 Carol Murphy, Kevin Boyle and Tashi Dawa join forces to bring you this incredible online training, which combines Progressive Vinyasa, mobility and the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method. This training is scientific in nature but also delves into the spiritual spaces that science cannot reach.  

This online Yoga Alliance certified training offers at least 60% live-streamed interactive Zoom classes to ensure that you receive the personal attention needed to train as a yoga teacher. The remaining hours are delivered as pre-recorded lectures. This training  allows you to train as a yoga teacher over 28 days in the comfort of your own home and equips you with everything you need to deepen your practice and share the teachings professionally with others. 


On this training you can expect to move deeper into relationship with your authentic self and learn how to spread the teachings of yoga from that place. You will be challenged to move beyond  self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from moving forward towards your goal. This is a physically, mentally and spiritually demanding experience. It is both intense and wonderfully rewarding.
Many have told us it has been life-changing. 


Develop your asana practice and apply the wisdom from your journey to guiding others.

Learn to teach Progressive Vinyasa and creatively weave together vinyasa threads for all levels.

Learn the fundamentals of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method.

Learn the science of meditation and how it can affect the structure of your brain. 

Learn the science of breathing and how incorrect breathing can create a myriad of physical health issues. 

Learn how yoga anana, meditation, pranayama and philosophy can help in the recovery of trauma and grief. 

Learn the science of restorative yoga and offer students the opportunity to balance their nervous system and restore.

Develop your individual teaching voice and learn how to share the gifts of yoga with confidence and ease.

Learn how to share the ancient philosophy teachings within a modern dynamic practice.

                         Learn about the business of yoga; your brand and learn how to share your offerings creatively and effectively.                               

You will also have access to our technical hub and receive technical support in order to use Zoom, Skype, access the online training platform, use apps and videos for your own yoga videos etc. 

Free membership for our Teachers Mentorship Programme.
Free invitation for all graduates to any 200 hr trainings in any venue, to refresh your knowledge and join us for practice.
GLY Graduates discount on any future workshops or CPD trainings.



The virtual training will take place over 28 days, with an extra 14 days at the end of the training to submit course assignments.  You will receive access to the online training platform where you can access the pre-recorded section of the training.  You will also have  daily interactive Zoom classes, where Carol and Tashi can answer any questions and give you feedback. Final teaching assessments will be carried out using video.   

 Because the training will be a combination of pre-recorded classes, accessed through the Training Platform and live Zoom classes, which are recorded and sent to all students daily,  you can adapt your training to suit your time zone and schedule. If possible, it is best to organise your schedule so that you have some interactive live classes with us daily in GMT timezone, so you have the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback etc.

Upon completion of the training, you will have access to the GLY Member’s Online Training Platform, where you can re-watch the live lectures whenever you like within a one year period.




7.00 a.m. – 9.00 a.m. – Asana

9.00 a.m. – 9.50 a.m. – Breakfast

9.50 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. – Theory class (anatomy, philosophy etc)

11.30 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. – Teaching Methodology class. 

1.00 p.m. – 2.00 p.m. – Lunch

2.00.-2.30 – Q&A sessions

2.30 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. – Asana, breathwork, or meditation


Early Bird : €1300 before Jan 15th
Regular Price : €1500
Deposit €600


The Art of Teaching Yoga training manual in PDF
Progressive Vinyasa Training manual in PDF

Please fill in our online application form or email us directly at carol@greenlotusyoga.com to register.


Tashi is a KPJAYI authorised level 2 Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher whose objective is to lead each student to develop and adore their daily yoga self-practice. Tashi offers retreats, mentorship programmes and workshops to support healing through embodiment, friendship, immersion in nature, joy and contemplation. Currently she teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Embodied Mindfulness on some of the most successful yoga retreats in Europe. She is one of the proud founders of This Yoga Life Collective a group of experienced practitioners immersed in the wisdom teachings of yoga, holistic nutrition, herbalism and meditation. Tashi also  teaches regular classes for Ekhart Yoga in Holland.

 Carol started Green Lotus Yoga teacher training school in 2007. She has graduated over 500 teachers from her training throughout Ireland and abroad. She has travelled with her work, teaching in London, California, India, South Africa, Morocco and Spain and trains students from all over the world on her intensive trainings. Her background is in Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa. Carol is also a qualified neuro-muscular therapist and anatomy geek. She also has a degree in philosophy,  certifications in Ayurveda and yoga therapy from India. She is a trained Yin teacher, Tantra teacher and Kundalini Trance Dance teacher. In 2020 she will train as a Living Somatics Movement teacher and a FRC® Mobility Specialist (FRCms). 

KEVIN BOYLE describes himself as the “least athletic boy in school”,  who partied heavily (and happily!) in his 20’s and lived for the weekends. His journey into health and well-being began when a good friend encouraged him to train for a triathlon. In the last 10 years, he left the corporate world, trained as a yoga teacher and has been flat out teaching since.

He has studied with Dice Iida-Klein, Briohny Smyth, & Josh Summers and is accredited with over 500 hours of professional development under Yoga Alliance.

As well as teaching regularly public classes, he train teachers, host retreats, offer workshops all over the country and share yoga online via his on-demand platform.


Feedback from our last online 200 hr Training in July 2020

Highly recommend Green Lotus Yoga 200hr training with Carol and Tashi! Both are deeply knowledgeable, passionate and empathetic, always making sure that EVERYONE can grow throughout the course. It was great to have a flexible schedule and post-training time to make up any missed sessions. I really appreciate the heart and soul that Carol and Tashi put into making this training unforgettable. My life is forever changed, so I thank both of you for helping me self-reflect and strive to be a more authentic version of myself. THANK YOU! <3 <3
Ashleigh Meyer-Charara - U.S
I learned more in one week than I learned in the two years in another TTC I have followed. The whole course is very well structured and packed with tons of useful information. Tashi and Carol are very generous in sharing everything they know. They also managed to make the course very personal and interactive, even though it was online. We had a lot of time to practice with the other students. This course really deepened my own yoga practice. It also provided me with a sense of direction and confidence to proceed in the vast world of yoga. It was an amazing experience!
Noortje Neyens - Norway
I just can’t believe in like 6 weeks I could become a yoga teacher ! Carol and Tashi worked very hard to deliver the best quality of teaching on this 200 YTT course online their passion and enthusiasm to teach yoga was just really nice to see 🙏 I hope one day I could become awesome teachers like them 💚
Frankie Britt -U.K
The contents are rich and built in a well structured framework, the design of the program allows one to dive deeply yet be able to bring what's learnt alive in practical matters in all aspects, practice or teaching.
Joyce Jaoi - China
You can tell the amount of experience and expertise Carol and Tashi have . They were able to guide people through their practice and even get them to try new poses in a safe way. For the theory, I don’t think Carol or Tashi left one stone unturned. We got a mountain of knowledge and information given to us. I would highly recommend this 200hr to anyone, wether it is in person or online. You are given so many tools to set you up for becoming a yoga instructor and they were always there to answer questions and make you feel at ease through the whole process
Aoife O Biren - Ireland
It has made my dream of doing a yoga teacher training come true. It has been a great experience and although I could just see the rest of the students in zoom, it has made me part of a community. The teachers, both Carol and Tashi know what they are talking about so it has made me feel safe. They have been able to give us enough direction and correction through zoom and all the material has been in our hands in no time. A really great experience for life.
Alazne Larrinaga
I learnt so much on the 200h teaching training course! There was a good balance between different subject areas such as anatomy and philosophy, and also plenty of opportunity to practise teaching. I never imagined I would feel so prepared to teach, especially as the training was online. Would highly recommend 🙂
Maddie Smith - U.K
With a mix of indepth anatomy and yoga philosophy, this course covers a huge amount. I will be returning again and again to these teachings.
Frances Nic Ruaidhri - Ireland
It's a very fulfilling course and would even say life changing. It opens you up to knew ways of thinking, both spiritually and in terms of yoga postures
Ruth O Riordan



  • A copy of ‘The Art of Teaching Manual’ in PDF
  • A copy of “Progressive Vinyasa 200 hr TTC Manual” in PDF
  • “Teaching yoga beyond the poses”, Sage Rountree and Alexandra De Siat


  • “One Simple thing” , Eddie Stern. 
  • “Bringing Yoga to Life” Donna Farhi
  • “The mirror of Yoga’ – Richard Freeman


Progressive Vinyasa is a style of vinyasa that is flowing, creative and intelligent. It is called “progressive” because it incorporates modern vinyasa approaches, like ladder flows, mandala flows etc; it is also progressive because the sequencing progresses up to peak poses and/or a “focus” section where new poses are introduced and broken down synergistically.. Additionally progressive vinyasa, progresses students forward in their development using an intelligence in sequencing based on cutting edge knowledge of yoga anatomy and universal principles of alignment. 

There are daily Teaching Methodology classes, so that you will feel prepared for the classroom and feel fully equipped to deliver the work after you graduate. You will be taught a specific methodology with sequencing options and alignment principles that create structures to intelligently inform your classes, which also allow enough flexibility for you to develop your own individual teaching voice as an expression of your authentic self and your relationship with the practice.

The yoga anatomy taught on the 200 hr trainings is cutting edge. It incorporates principle of biomechanics, synergy and myofascial meridians. These classes allows you to dive into a deeper relationship with your body on and off the mat. They also equip you to understanding other people’s bodies in relation to postural holdings and common troubleshooting areas in relation to asana. 


  • The 5 sheaths meditation. 
  • Witness based meditations
  • Kundalini chakra meditations
  • Heart based meditations
  • 1 x Kundalini Trance Dance (optional)
  • A collection of traditional pranayamas to cleanse the panic body.

The philosophy on our trainings is delivered in a non-dogmatic way and invites group discussion where all beliefs and opinions are respected. We use class discussions, circles, artwork, chanting, empathetic listening and meditation processes to explore the spiritual systems of Patanjali’s sutras, Vedanta, Advaita Vedanta, Samkhya and Tantra. We believe that these spiritual systems all offer a different perspective of the same truth and we hope that in our explorations, students can find in these belief systems, tools to strengthen the mind, emotions and spirit, a spiritual rock to lean on in times of need, deeper insight to our true nature and a deeper sense of worth that lies inherent in our being. It is a true blessing to be able to explore this work within a group and many students have told us that that this part of the training has been life changing for them.


Is this Training certified by Yoga Alliance? 

This training is certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals (The U.K Yoga Alliance) and Yoga Alliance (U.S). Both Yoga Alliance bodies have given us permission to continue our 2020 trainings online due to COVID. 

Is there any pre-requisites to entering this training ? 

We advise 2 years practice before embarking on a Yoga TTC. This is enough time to give students a firm foundation for the work involved on a TTC and also gives people a base to reach the level expected for graduation. Sometimes people achieve this foundation after a year or so of practice; there are always exceptions, but as a general, we recommend 2 years. If you are unsure if you have enough experience, please contact us at carol@greenlotusyoga.com

What style of yoga will I be trained to teach?

On this training we put a lot of focus on preparing trainees for the classroom. The style of yoga trainees are trained to teach is called Progressive Vinyasa. This is a style of vinyasa that is flowing, creative and intelligent. As this style of yoga is flexible in nature, teachers also have the option of calling the classes that they teach alignment based Hatha yoga,  Flow yoga or Power yoga, Core flow etc. As this particular training also offers Ashtanga Yoga, students will be also taught how to teach the first half of Primary series and so can also teach Ashtanga yoga. As Progressive Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga are very compatible in nature, sharing the same core principles and many poses in their sequencing, students can also combines the 2 offering a fusion of Ashtanga based Vinyasa. 

Will I have the opportunity to teach on the training course?

Yes you will. There are daily Teaching Methodology classes. We will use “skype’ and/or “zoom’ to facilitate trainees teaching each other. You will start teaching one person one pose. Then graduate to teaching small groups  For the final teaching assessment, you will teach a small video. We will give you all the technical support you need to prepare your teaching assessment video. You will also recive lots of interactive tuition on how to sequence and structure your classes etc. 

Is it ok to do teacher training just for self-development and to deepen my practice?

Yes it is. Lots of people have done this training as self development. Some have also started it for themselves and ended up teaching… Its completely up to you.

How is the course assessed?

Anatomy- There is 6 open book assessments for anatomy relative to the 6 major chaoters in your anatomy book : Standing postures, Hip openers, Core, Backbends, Twists and Inversions. You will receive an pre-recorded video on each chapter plus your assessment sheet. We will then go over the answers tot eh questions together in class.  You will have to fill out your online assessment sheets in your own time. We anticipate this will take about 40 mins per sheet. You can take up to 2 weeks after the virtual course finishes to complete your papers if neessary. 

Philosophy- this subject is not assessed, but there may be exercises for off time study.

Asana – We work towards level 3 posture work and all students practice to their own level, modifying when necessary. After graduation, teachers teach to the level they can practice comfortably. If a trainee’s personal practice needs a lot of work, on graduation, we sometimes recommend that these teachers teach level 1 only for a year or so as they continue to develop their practice.

Teaching Methodology- Students prepare an hour long class and teach the class using video. We start preparation for this exercise on day one so students will be very prepared. We want trainees to leave not only with a cert, but also with the ability to prepare a class and the knowledge that they can teach it confidently and clearly. Trainess will also recieve technial support for this assessment. 

Is this training course registered or is this course qualified me to be a teacher?

This training is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals (aka Yoga Alliance UK) and Yoga Alliance USA – graduates of this program can therefore register with either body at a 200 hrs level. If at some point you wanted to continue your studies, you will be able to do it with an American or European training school. Yoga Alliance U.S and U.K are the most recognised Yoga registration body world wide. This certification will qualify you to teach Yoga anywhere in the world.

What is the cost of membership and insurance with Yoga Alliance Professional (U.K)?

The cost for the membership and insurance (only UK and EIRE residents) is £120/year and Y.A.P waives the £35 sign up fee if you sign up within 14 days from your graduation.
Can I teach teens after this training ? 
In order to teach teens, a teacher should have completed a children’s teacher training course to teach groups of children under the age of 16. If however a child between the age of 12-16 wants to join an adult class, then they can so long as they are with a parent or guardian and have a written consent from from their parent or guardian. Anyone teaching groups of children (in the absence of a parent or guardian) should have CRB (or equivalent) document check and if they are members of YAP, they should send this to us, so we can keep this on their file.Please note it is a condition of the policy that all records are kept for a minimum of 7 years after the client has reached the age of 18.

Will I have study time on the TTC?

Yes you will. You will have time to study in the evenings and on your days off. Students often like to group study to make it more interesting and fun and have the support of your group. You will also be give “non-contact hours” to practice adjustments etc.


This training is certified with Yoga Alliance U. S and Yoga Alliance Professionals (U.K)



Secure your place now with deposit or pay in full.
Please fill in our online application form or email us directly at carol@greenlotusyoga.com to register.

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