Level 2 Diploma in Multi-Instrument
Sound Healing Certification

May 2nd-5th 2025

With Lynn Hodgins

9.00 a.m - 6.00 p.m daily

Building on the foundation covered in Level 1, this course offers an enriched and thorough exploration of sound healing theory and practice. Over the four days of immersion, we’ll delve deeper into sound healing potential, and master advanced techniques and combinations, and you will gain the skills to facilitate profound sound healing experiences for individuals and groups.

Please note: You must have obtained the Level 1 Certificate before enrolling into this Level 2 Diploma Course.

  • Advanced Theory and Practice: We’ll delve deeper into the theoretical foundations of sound healing, exploring advanced concepts in vibrational medicine, resonance, and the therapeutic effects of sound on the body and mind.
  • Advanced Instrument Proficiency: Hands-on training focuses on mastering advanced techniques and combinations for playing various sound-healing instruments such as Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing, Bowls, Frame Drum, Tuning Forks and other specialised instruments. Participants learn to create complex harmonic and healing frequencies.
  • Therapeutic Applications: Practical sessions emphasise advanced techniques for facilitating sound healing experiences tailored to individual client needs and group dynamics. Participants gain skills in designing and conducting comprehensive sound healing sessions.
  • Integration of Sound Healing Practices: Instruction includes methods for integrating sound healing with other complementary therapies such as meditation, Reiki, yoga, and massage therapy to enhance holistic wellness practices.
  • Business module for success: Define your offering, marketing your new business, logistics, pricing and mindset to enable you to create a thieving sound healing business or to incorporate sound healing into your existing holistic business in order to sustain growth.
  • Comprehensive Course Materials: Detailed course materials provide advanced readings, references, and resources for ongoing study and professional development in sound healing.You will also receive 5 hrs of group zoom calls, one prior to the course and four after completion of the workshop.
  • Continued Support and Networking: Opportunities for continued support, networking with peers and mentors, and access to advanced training workshops or conferences to further enhance skills and stay updated with developments in sound healing.

Case Studies and Assessments

Participants will have 12 months to complete the following requirements;

  • A workbook exam on al 5 modules module
  • Case studies – 35 hours of case studies, which is a mixture of individuals and group sessions
  • Submit 4 videos – two individual sound healing sessions and two group sessions.
  • Maintain a sound healing journal throughout the whole course and write a detailed reflection report on your experience.

Certification and Accreditation

Upon successful completion, participants receive a Level 2 Diploma in Multi-instrument Sound Healing. This diploma qualifies practitioners to practice with the general public and offer 1-1 client sessions and facilitate group sound healing sessions. You are eligible to get full professional indemnity practitioner insurance to practice as a sound healer in most countries.

Lynn Hodgins

A seasoned health and wellness expert with over two decades of dedicated study and teaching experience in various modalities. Her passion lies in exploring the intricate connection between mind, body, and spirit. 

Through firsthand experience, Lynn has witnessed how sound vibrations can profoundly affect the human system, leading to deep relaxation, emotional release, and profound self-discovery. She believes yoga is more than just physical poses; that it offers a pathway to gracefully navigate life’s challenges with grace, grounding, and self-awareness”To find out more about Lynn, check out her website Serenity Sound and Yoga.


 Full Price €1,818 
Early Bird €1,750 before December 7th


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