Level 1 Multi-Instrument
Sound Healing Certification

November 2nd-5th 2024 or Jan 31st - Feb 3rd

With Lynn Hodgins

9.00 a.m - 6.00 p.m daily

This certification is ideal for those new to sound healing and experienced practitioners looking to formalise and expand their knowledge in this field. It’s a four-day intensive, in-person training. daily plus 2 x 2 hr online lectures (totalling 40 hours). You will gain foundational knowledge of the basic principles and concepts of sound healing for individuals and groups. Plus, you will gain insight into the science behind how sound affects the body and mind.

  • Instrument Proficiency: Hands-on training with the 5 Main Sound Healing instrument; Gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal Bowls, Frame drum, and tuning forks. Participants will learn how to play and use these instruments effectively in a therapeutic setting. 
  • Techniques and Practices: Participants receive instruction in different sound healing methods, including individual and group sessions. They practice techniques for facilitating healing through sound. 
  • Cultural and Historical: Participants explore the historical and cultural significance of sound healing practices from various traditions worldwide. 
  • Practical Application: Participants have opportunities to apply what they have learned in practical exercises on individuals and in group settings “Sound Baths”. This component allows for direct experience of the therapeutic effects of sound healing. 
  •  Assessment and Evaluation: Practical evaluation, where participants demonstrate proficiency in using sound healing instruments and techniques. To qualify with a level 1 Certificate you must attend all sessions of the workshop and complete the course workbook within 3 months of starting the course. This involves doing 3 practical exercises, 2 with individuals and 1 with a group of 2 people min. This can be carried out on family and friends. 
  • Comprehensive Workbook: Participants receive a workbook that complements the workshop content, providing additional resources, exercises, and references for further study.
  • Networking and Collaboration: You’ll have opportunities to connect with peers and instructors, fostering collaboration and ongoing learning in sound healing practices.


Participants will need to purchase a starter sound healing kit consisting of:

  • 2 unweighted tuning forks (notes C & G) 
  • 1 weighted OM tuning fork, 
  • 1 Tibetan singing bowl and 
  • A shaker.
  • Lynn will bring an array of Gongs to the training for you to try  before you make any investment yourself. 


On completion of the course requirements you will receive a PDF, Level 1 Multi-Instrument Sound Healing Certification. This will qualify you to offer sound healing sessions in your yoga classes and therapy sessions (if you are a qualified therapist in massage, reiki, etc.). Completing the level 1 training will also allow you do the Level 2 Diploma in Multi-Instument Sound Healing. This diploma qualifies practitioners to practice with the general public and offer 1-1 client sessions and facilitate group sound healing sessions.. With the level 2 training, you will be eligible to get full professional indemnity practitioner insurance to practice as a sound heal in most countries. 

Lynn Hodgins

A seasoned health and wellness expert with over two decades of dedicated study and teaching experience in various modalities. Her passion lies in exploring the intricate connection between mind, body, and spirit. 

Through firsthand experience, Lynn has witnessed how sound vibrations can profoundly affect the human system, leading to deep relaxation, emotional release, and profound self-discovery. She believes yoga is more than just physical poses; that it offers a pathway to gracefully navigate life’s challenges with grace, grounding, and self-awareness”To find out more about Lynn, check out her website Serenity Sound and Yoga.


€720 – Full Fee
€680 Early Bird before October 1st


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