Student Grievance Form

Dear student,

It is common for issues to arise during a training. Teacher trainings can be stressful. Most of the time students resolve these issues within themselves and this is part of the growth of a training and learning how to become a teacher. However, if there is an issue building up for you that is impacting on your experience of your training and you feel that is is getting in the way of your progression, then it may be time to let us know about it.

Also, in your grievance, please only speak for yourself and from your own experience. Please do not tell us that “other people feel the same as you” etc. even if you believe this to be true. This is over-stepping other people’s boundaries and dragging people into your own grievance. If other people want to make a grievance they should make their own. 

When we receive your grievance, we will get back to you and arrange a time and place to discuss it.

Thank you for your feedback. 

The Green Lotus Yoga Team.