Tantric Heart Training – A journey through the chakras

Oct 11th-14th 2019
with Carol Murphy @ YOGAMOVES, Gort, Galway.

Tantric Heart

In this training, we dive deep into the energetic world of the chakras. The focus is to balance each psycho-energetic centre, and work through the energetic blocks (often in the form of traumas and samskaras)  so the universal creative force can flow fully through you, connecting you with your roots and wings, grounded, heart open and connected with source. This training not open opens you to the current of divine, creative universal energy in your life, but gives you the tools to integrate chakra work into your own teachings. We use Osho shaking meditations and Trance Dance to shake everything up and use empathetic listening, art therapy, still meditations and sharing circles to support the work and integrate all that surfaced. Be prepared to dig deep and meet yourself on all levels. Be prepared to step out of this training energetically a lot lighter and brighter than when you entered in.

Fee for this course is 520 eu