Teachers : Carol Murphy

Hello! My name is Carol Murphy. I am a SYT with Yoga Alliance U.K. I am crazy about yoga anatomy, Ayurveda, everything to do with philosophy; I also love (raw/) vegan cooking and Open Heart meditation !
I started Green Lotus Yoga teacher training school in 2007. Since then I have graduated over 150 teachers from my training throughout Ireland and abroad. Most of my work is in Ireland but I have also taught in London, San Francisco, India, Capetown, Morocco and Spain and I look forward to teaching in Shanghai in 2015.
I like to teach Vinyasa style yoga as mindful, strengthening, slow, breath-centered movement, creating various forms and threads to strengthen my body and melt the hard edges in my awareness into puddles of bliss.
I started dabbling with yoga when I was a really young age. My Mum did transcendental meditation during my pregnancy and labour and I copied her on the yoga mat as a child, so I reckon I may have been a yogi in my last life and choose a Mum for the same in this life, so I can continue to work on correcting my asanas !
I started formal classes in 1989 (at age 19) in San Francisco with my sister who teaches Iyengar Yoga and have been practising ever since. I studied Iyengar yoga for 12 years and was very devoted to it.It taught me the importance of precision and structural intelligence. These gifts have served me over the years; the precision taught me the importance of self care and that the little things do matter and the structural intelligence has provided me with the base to practice deeply without injury and planted the seed for my fascination in yoga anatomy, which I continue today in my studies in Neuro-Muscular Physical Therapy.
In 2001, I changed my practice to Ashtanga yoga and dedicated myself deeply to this practice for 8 years, travelling abroad to study with many leading Certified teachers and visiting my teachers Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Rangaswamy annually in Mysore India until my teacher Pattabhi Jois died in May 2009. When I started Ashtanga, it was like waking up from a deep slumber. Working with breath energised my spirit and flushed new life through the whole of my being. Working with the heat of the Vinyasa practice also changed my body in a way that I did not think possible. This time of the Ashtanga practice unfolding and revealing itself to me to me was one of the happiest periods in my life and I look back on my days in “the shala” in Mysore with deep love and respect. However after 8 years of solid Ashtanga practice, something new in me started to stir, a seed of a new chapter where I could merge my Ashtanga practice with my desire for playfulness and creativity  and move forward to create new forms and sequences.
I now feel very lucky to be able to play and create with all I have learned from my teachers. This new freedom in practice allows me space to integrate knowledge and practices in Ayurveda and Kundalini work and also to work on creative new vinyasa threads and forms which keep the inner flame of my practice burning bright. In recent months I have also been very lucky to have discovered The “Open Heart -Reiki Tummo” path, which allows me to open deeper to love in all aspects of my life.

These gifts created solidity and ground from which I can rise and fly, roots and wings, creating safety, balance, expansion and joy in my life and for this I am grateful.