The 200 hr Yin Fusion Training offers a gentle therapeutic healing journey. It will help you nourish your mind and spirit and connect with your body as your living temple. The practices are grounded in present moment awareness and breath regulation. Alignment is guided not just by anatomy and bio-mechanical alignment cues, but also by the meditative felt sense of body, breath and spirit. It is a deeply intimate experience between yoga and self. 

Your training will incorporate the following modules :

  • Yin and Restorative – This is the main focus of the training.
  • Slow Flow Foundations – This module is a wonderful add-on to Yin Yoga and can be used as the Yang section in Yin Fusion Yoga Classes. 
  • Ayurveda, TCM and Women’s Health (for women) – This module continues TCM studies and Ayurveda energetics  in relation to female health, covering the stages of the cycle and menopause. 
  • Functional- Somatic Training – Alternative to Women’s Health for Men – This training is not include if you are doing Women’s Health. It is a wonderful add-on to Yin Yoga as it looks as postural dysfunctions, injuries and joint issues through the lens of biotensegrity, Somatics and gentle asana. There are 2 weekends, one lower body and the other upper body. You will receive credit for one weekend and can access the second weekend with a trainee discount if you wish to add it on. 
  • Breath Coach – This training module explores the therapeutics of pranayama and is an incredible add-on or Yin and Restorative classes. 
  • Energy Medicine – A deep dive in the energetics of chakras and vayus as they relate to physiology using Vini yoga style movement, pranayama and mudras.
  • Heal – Trauma Sensitive Yoga to help in the recovery of trauma, depression, and grief.
  • Business of Yoga – you will also receive 4 hrs of business mentorship via Zoom. 

Yin & Restorative Yoga

One of the reasons, we love to combine Yin and Restorative in the same module is that they are so complimentary. Many of the poses are the same. What distinguishes them for each other is often simply the focus, intention, energetics and origin of the work. However there is a large overlap and therefore very complimentary. 

Yin Yoga

  • The History of Yin Yoga and Daoist Philosophy
  • Biotensegrity Anatomy: Fascia and Myofascial Trains
  • Physiology of our Tissues
  • Joint Anatomy – a Yin Perspective
  • Yin Yoga poses, modifications etc.
  • Human variation as expressed on the mat
  • How to theme and sequence Yin Yoga Classes
  • Sequencing for the seasons and the senses.
  • Yin Yoga Practices for the Meridians
  • Teaching practice of poses including modifications and props
  • Physical, mental and energetic benefits of practice
  • The Daoist view of energy in relation to the Indian Energetic maps and the western perspective
  • Yoga for the mind in relation to Samkhya, the Eight Limbs, Buddhism and Jungian psychotherapy.

Restorative Yoga

  • The history of Restorative Yoga and the Krishnamacharya lineage
  • The science relating to the relaxation response and the stress response
  • Restorative Yoga poses, modifications etc.
  • How to sequence restorative yoga classes
  • Patanjali's yoga sutras in relation to mental health
  • Teaching practice of poses including modifications and props
  • Cueing the poses
  • Teaching practice including modifications and props
  • Learning Restorative yoga poses
  • Hatha/Tantric Energetics, koshas, gunas, chakras, vayus
  • Pranayama
  • The science and healing power of Yoga Nidra and Interoception including scripted processes
  • Spiritual Tools for Transformation

More Details

  • 2024
  • September 14th-15th – Slow Flow Foundations
  • October 12th – 13th  – Slow Flow Foundations
  • November 9th-10th – Yin and Restorative
  • December 14th -15th – Yin and Restorative


  • January  18th-19th – Yin and Restorative
  • February 15th-16th – Yin and Restorative
  • March 15th-16th – Women’s Health 
  • April 12th-13th- Breath Coach
  • May 10th-11th -Energy Medicine
  • June 14th-15th – Heal
  • July 6th – Final Teaching Assessment

Optional Alternatives for Women’s Health or Functional Yoga Therapy

  •  July 2025 -Functional-Somatic Yoga Therapy 1
  • August 2025 – Functional-Somatic Yoga Therapy 1

The  weekend of the training can be taken on Zoom or in Yogamoves studio in  Gort, Galway. The studio holds 28 people. It is fully propped with mats, bolsters, blankets, bricks and belts. It has a kitchen with fridge, kettle etc and separate toilet. It also has changing rooms for students to store their clothes etc. 

Gort is a small town on the edge of the Burren. There are great restaurants close by to eat in and there are lots of airbnb and bnb options ranging from €25-€100 per night for students staying overnight. We can also help you team up with other students to share air BNB if you wish.  

  • Restorative: 1 x written Restorative Yoga class with the option to video the class for deeper feedback
  • Nidra: 1 x Yoga Nidra, recorded on audio or video
  • Yin: 1 x written Yin Yoga class with option to video the class for deeper feedback
  • Energy Medicine : 1 x short online multiple choice quiz
  • Heal – This training module is not assessed
  • Breath CoachThis training module is not assessed
  • Yin Fusion Final Teaching Assessment: You will write out a 75 mins Yin Fusion class plan, incorporating Breathwork, Yin, Easy Flow and Shavasana and will teach half the class live in the studio or on Zoom. 

Registration & Booking


One time payment -€1950 – save €250 

Staggered Payment – €2200 – €400 plus 10 x €180 payments

The Yoga Fusion Yoga Teacher Training is accredited with Yoga Alliance. 

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