Yoga and Women's Health Training

July 2nd-3rd and August 5th-7th

Learn how to Deeply Heal, Restore and Embrace your Feminine Receptivity and Impulse towards Health and Wellness.  Join Deirdre O’ Connor and  Niamh Daly over two weekends for a deep, empowering dive into what it’s like to live inside you. Experience how consolidating your knowledge and working with yoga asana and other practices can result in greater confidence to lead more women like yourself on the wondrous path of self-discovery.

Weekend 1 

Saturday and Sunday
Deirdre O Connor

  • Issues in her tissues – How our emotions and traumas impact on our physical health and the female cycle via neuroendocrine + HPA axis
  • Awakening the Inner Healer ~ The Brain, Nervous System, Vagal Tone, The Brain, Nervous System, Neuroception, Trauma, Body mapping,
  • Unwinding the breath body – the 4 diaphragms, continuum movement, moving sound into the tissues, neurosensory unwinding
  • Psoas Release and Visceral manipulation using myofascial release and yoga
  • Clinical Somatics for the Pelvic Floor ~ Somatic based exercises to release muscle imbalances contributing to nerve compression. Releasing bracing of the pelvic floor and gut. Working through sexual and birth trauma and body shame. 
  • Neuro-science of Women’s health and hormone activation

Weekend 2

Friday Evening Zoom
with Kitty Maguire

  • Embracing the feminine
  • Womb trauma in relation to burn out and rejection of the feminine
  • The four seasons and how they are mirrored in the womb cycle, moon cycle and Celtic cycle
  • What is cycle awareness ?
  • How to track your personal cycle.
  • Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes relating to the Celtic cycle.
  • Phases of the cycle and related hormones. Follicular phase (first half of cycle), Ovulation phase and luteal phase (latter part of the cycle) and related hormones. 

Weekend 2

Saturday and Sunday
with Niamh Daly

  • Exploring the Pelvic Floor~ Pelvic Floor Exercises and Yoga Asanas for Pelvic Health
  • Inflammation and Gut Health ~ Nutritional Support for gut health including xenoestrogens and the liver. 
  • Stages of the female cycle – Pre/Peri and post Menopause, HPO/HPA Axis. This training will cover the different stages and focus primarily on peri menopause and menopause. 

Meet your teachers

Deirdre O' Connor

(July weekend)

Yoga Dip, Embodied Somatic Movement Therapist , Craniosacral Therapy Adv , DTR Embodiment Trainer Adv, Hakomi Practitioner , CBT Cert, NeuroAffective Touch Practitioner

 As a trauma-informed somatic therapist and movement therapist I have always had a keen interest in how our bodies reflect and somatize our thoughts and feelings. This fascination and exploration has spanned almost three decades, over 3,000 hours of training , and working with thousands of students and clients in this field.

As a body-based therapist I embraced Craniosacral Therapy and Hakomi Mindfulness Psychotherapy as ways of working with our earliest emotional woundings . I also trained in the NeouroAffective Polyvagal Trauma- Informed work of Dr. Aline LaPierre which works through attuned touch , presence and somatic dialogue to meet those places in us that can continue to hold trauma in the muscular bracing patterns of anxiety and long-term stress.

I have delved deeply into embodiment movement practices through trainings and explorations as diverse as Feldenkrais , 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine, Dancing The Rainbow, Naked Voice work, Hanna Somatics and Yoga.

I have spent many more years exploring ancient and contemporary meditative practices and trained in Buddhist Psychology to eventually turn to embodied mindful practices that work directly to unhook the nervous system from familiar patterns of somatic bracing.

All of these therapies recognize the need to find the language of the body and nervous system in order to embrace and move forward from past experiences that may remain trapped in our bodies and psyches if left unattended.

I work as a kind of midwife for these experiences to emerge and to be held with a welcoming presence as we transition from anxiety and emotional stress into wholeness , clarity and an inner spaciousness that arises through this deep body , deep listening , deeply accepting space.

Kitty Maguire

(Friday evening August weekend)

Dublin born and based, Kitty Maguire works as a Menstruality Mentor. Offering trauma informed trainings to support reproductive health education, Menstruality Leadership, womb stories support for grief and or shame. So women can live cyclically conscious, feel deeply connected to their inner voice, creativity, womb sovereignty so they can create space to thrive. Weaving the spirit, science and sacred together to bring a holistic and comprehensive approach to her offerings, Kitty is also passionate about Social Justice, amplifying the voice of period poverty and bringing her work to all who need it. Kitty’s offerings include:

  • Red Alchemy
  • The nature of Cycles
  • Womb sciences
  • Ritual and Irish mythology
  • The heart of Yin – a training to support Menstruality. 
  • The embodies Alchemist
  • A mentorship programme to support you as you step into your leadership role in the community. 

Kitty’s trainings, practices and education include:

  • Red school Menstruality Programme
  • The Menstrual Medicine Circle facilitator training.
  • Atira Tan & Lorraine Taylor Women’s trauma-informed Yoga Teacher Training.
  • Womb Yoga & Pregnancy Yoga with Uma Dinsmore Tuli. 
  • Biff Mithoefer Yin Yoga Level 1-3
  • Yoga for Humankind, Yoga for embodied change & social justice.
  • Samantha Zipporah Pregnancy Release Support Training
  • STOTT Pilates Mat work, pre & post natal pilates.

Kitty is devoted to her own ongoing development and healing.She attends regular sessions and trainings to support her own integration, education and awareness.  Menstruality Trauma and how trauma shows up in our life is a big interest for Kitty and she is on a path to bring a much needed trauma-informed approach to women’s work and menstruality in Ireland.



Niamh Daly

(Sat & Sunday August weekend)

Niamh has been teaching Hatha Yoga since 2004 and is a registered Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition Coaching and is a Pilates Mat I&II teacher.

She qualified as a teacher in 2004, completed a mentorship with Marlene Ffrench Mullen, and has continued to study and professionally develop with Donna Farhi, renowned Clinical Anatomist John Sharkey, Integral Anatomist Gil Hedley, Somatics trainer Lisa Petersen and with Sarah Lo. She teaches men and women of all ages, but also specialises in Yoga for Menopause, and trains Yoga teachers around the world how to adapt Yoga to support women in this phase of life. She created Certificate in Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause  in 2020, at the time it was one of just 2 courses of its kind in the world.

Her curiosity about the habitual holdings and reactions in the body from the physical and emotional stimuli of our human life, began with explorations in the Alexander Technique 27 years ago. From there, primarily through Yoga in its most recognisable forms, and influenced by 5 rhythms dancing, somatic movement, mindfulness and anatomy, she sought and found ways to regain neutrality in, and then free expression of our physical and emotional body.

She has trained in Hatha Yoga, and studied and/or practiced most of the variations of Yoga from its most traditional roots in India, to new approaches and hybrids. Responding to what Yoga has become in the west, and the prevalence of injury in the quest for linear “improvement”, her own style of teaching is an offering to students of her knowledge, but with an invitation to take what speaks to them and make it their own, and to let go of that which doesn’t sit well with them.

Her approach is pragmatic, as she is fascinated by the science of stretch, and what is logically possible for the average human body. She is also keen to ensure we stay strong for life, as well as relaxed, mobile and comfortable.

Yoga and Women's Health Training Fees

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Full fees – €450
Early Bird – €400 – before June 1st
Deposit – €200

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This training can contribute towards 300 hr Advanced Therapeutic GLY certification. 

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