Yoga and Women's Health Training

July 1st-2nd and August 6th-7th

Learn how to Deeply Heal, Restore and Embrace your Feminine Receptivity and Impulse towards Health and Wellness.  Join Lynda Phelan over two weekends for a deep, empowering dive into what it’s like to live inside you. Experience how consolidating your knowledge and working with yoga asana and other practices can result in greater confidence to lead more women like yourself on the wondrous path of self-discovery.

What you will learn

  • Awakening the Inner Healer ~ The Brain, Nervous System, Vagal Tone, and her capacity to heal through yoga and meditation

  • Anatomy of Breath ~ The Fundamentals of Breathing and Breath Practices, and Diaphragmatic Release Practice

  • Lymphatic Health ~ Lymphatic System, Initial Lymphatic Assessment, and Advanced Lymphatic Practices

  • Inflammation and Gut Health ~ Nutritional Support, And Connecting to Her Core with Organ Manipulation Practices

  • Ojas and the Seven Dhatus ~ The issues lie in her tissues and the benefits of yoga asana

  • Pelvic Anatomy ~ Pelvic Floor Exercises and Yoga Asanas for Pelvic Health

  • Menstrual Health ~ Her Cycle, Pre/Peri-Menopause, HPO/HPA Axis

  • Xenoestrogens ~ Love your Liver Protocol + Liver Pumping Practice

  • Healing Pelvic Dysfunction ~ Through Movement and Restoring Flexibility

Meet your teacher

Lynda Phelan is a women’s health specialist, Ayurvedic Health Counsellor & Wellness Coach (600 hr), senior yoga teacher (200 hr Vinyasa & Restorative, 500 hr Traditional yoga). She also did a 2 year Priestess training with the Glastonbury Godess Temple and a one year Shamanic Practitioner Training with the Irish School of Shamanic Studies. 

Lynda has also studied Trauma-Informed Yoga,  Yoga for Sexual Trauma and Ayurveda and Tantra (600 hr – The Shakti School). She then trained as a Women’s Health Specialist  (The Flourish Institute – 1 year training), bridging any gaps in her knowledge between the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Tantra and that of modern Western science.

Lynda is also certified as a Meditation Teacher (Mind Body Education 120 hr) and currently teaching medication classes in Castlebar, Mayo. Addtionally Lynda is also a Holistic Counsellor and Life-Coach (120 hrs) and Holistic Body Health Coach (100 hrs).  

On this training, she weaves together her knowledge of women’s health, her yoga teaching and training experience and her expertise in health and wellness coaching to take you on a journey into feminine wisdom and empowerment. 

Yoga and Women's Health Training Fees

Book now and secure your place.

Full fees – €450
Early Bird – €400 – before June 1st
Deposit – €200

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This training can contribute towards 300 hr Advanced Therapeutic GLY certification. 

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