Yoga Teacher Training Courses: The Method

Yoga teacher trainings courses : The method

Yoga Teacher Training

The asana taught on the Green Lotus Yoga Teacher Training courses is physically challenging and yet it does not loose touch with its holistic foundation. The vinyasa sequences we use are called “Mula Krama” (Foundation sequence) where we plant the seeds of practice and “Vikasa Krama” (Developing sequence) where our practice can deepen and expand.
These sequences are designed to strengthen and open the physical body and yet they are also deeply grounded in balancing the energetics of the inner body by working in relation to the chakras, doshas and vayus. In this way we work on bringing balance to not only the muscular-skeletal systems of the body, but also work holistically on balancing the nervous system, harmonising the inner organic body and the mind for health and well-being.

In addition to working with Vinyasa sequences, we also teach anatomical
alignment-based classes, where we cover leg rotations. pelvic tilts, postural holding patterns etc. in relation to asana and to student’s physical dispositions, injuries etc.

We often end the weekend with a yin style or restorative class. Although Carol likes to be creative in her teaching of Yin and restorative work, sometimes bringing in pranayama, meditation, poetry, props, music etc., she is currently developing sequences so students have an aid when teaching them after graduation.

On this training, you will learn your Ayurvedic constitution, which will allow you to apply yogic practices to your health and well-being and deepen your knowledge of the holistic side of the practice.

Carol uses a few different approaches when working with chakras. Some of the work involved pranayama and sitting meditations. However Carol is also a trained Tantra and Ecstatic dance teacher. Both the Tantra and Ecstatic dance work she has trained in are “Osho” based” and involve the “shaking” method to stir up kundalini from its dormant slumber and move it through the chakras (these methods are taught for the trainees self development and are not something that trainees will are trained to teach).

Carol is also a raw food coach and has been eating primarily a raw vegan diet for the last 8 years. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of diet in relation to yoga and health on the training. She also offers a 10 days Ayurvedic detox, Saucha Sadhana, which combines raw vegan and Ayurvedic
knowledge. This detox is completely optional and most students usually take it. While Carol encourages detoxing and introducing more raw, vegetarian and vegan foods into the diet, she does not expect her students to completely change their diets. The detox is optional and students are encouraged to make their own choices.