Yoga Teacher Training Goa

Yoga Teacher Training Goa
Vinyasa and Yin Fascial YOga TTC
A collaboration with Carol Murphy & Beta Lisboa
(and assistant teacher 
Miaja Maijere)
March 12th- April 6tH 2016 @ Bamboo Yoga retreat, Patnem Beach, GOa

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This training offers 40 years teaching experience between two teachers (20 years each). Beta Lisboa and myself, Carol Murphy,  have teamed together to offer a programme that will deepen your practice on many dimensions and instruct you how to teach both Vinyasa and Yin Fascial Yoga.

Carol will teach  morning Vinyasa practice, Theoretical and experiential Anatomy, Teaching Methodology (adjustments, sequencing, instruction, modifications etc.), Ayurveda, meditations, subtle anatomy and philosophy.
Beta will teach her 40 hr Yin Fascial yoga certificate course within the 200 hr TTC. Subjects include Teaching Methodology of Yin Fascial Yoga (Sequencing, adjusting, assisting and modifying postures for various levels yoga), Anatomy and physiology of Fascia, Mindfulness, Vipasana & Metta meditation, Subtle anatomy (Meridians, Vessels and Chakras ), Pranayama and Daoist philosophy.

The Asana
The style of Vinyasa taught on the training is a synthesis of Ashtanga, Anusara, Iyengar yoga and modern power yoga. It is physically challenging, alignment orientated and creative. Carol will teach students a collection of vinyasa threads that open and strengthen the body and that are weaved together imaginatively and intelligently. Classes are a combination of flow work and technique classes where poses are broken down bio-mechanically and in relation to the myofascial trains in the body, explaining exactly what muscles are being engaged, released etc. for deeper understanding. 
The anatomy on the training gives students a deeper understanding of their body and their posture work and how they relate. The anatomy is both theoretical and applied and opens students into the mystery of the practice.  In addition to being a yoga anatomy geek for many years, Carol is a qualified sports massage therapist and just finished studies in neuro-muscular physical therapy. She loves being able to impart her wisdom to her students, not only to deepen their practice, but also how to develop a deeper relationship with the body, built on self care. 

Teaching Methodology
This training places a lot of emphasis on preparing new teachers to teach Level 1 and 2 classes. After asana, teaching skills is the second most important subject. Teachers will learn a foundation series and then adapt it playfully, within specific guidelines, as an expression of their unique voice. Teachers will prepare a class, including breathwork, asana, music play list if used, and shavasana and teach it to the group as a teaching exercise. These focus of these classes is decided by the individual student; teachers may teach a relaxing beginners class or an upbeat level 2 core class. Teachers will also learn about the common issues that arise in the classroom and how to address them, whether they be physical ailments like slipped disc or high blood pressure, or boundary issues like people arriving late, not paying etc.
Teachers are also shown how to dip their teaching into level 3 poses and after graduation teachers have the freedom to teach to the level they can practice comfortably.


Carol has been teaching Ayurveda on the trainings for 10 years now and notices how students really love it. Even those who were skeptical at the beginning usually end up loving it. The Ayurveda teaches people a lot about their constitution, their health and their general nature.

The philosophy integrates elements from the spiritual systems Vedanta, Advaita Vedanta, Samkhya and Tantra to overcome obstacles that limit growth, relating to our human condition. It aims to creates resources for people on their life path, deeper substance in relationships, journey deeper into life’s mysteries and help to connect people with their power, freedom and true nature. Carol delivers lectures and leads discussions on the wheel of yoga in relation to subjects like dualism, non- dualism, how philosophy defines our relationship to our mind-body relationship and the soul,  how different spiritual paths address coping with “the emotions”, paths of ascension versus no-path paths where the divine is here and now in this moment, and more…. Carol has 2 degrees in Philosophy and loves to talk about spirituality in a grounded real way. She aims to anchor lofty ideals in real life graspable scenarios and create an awareness of Yogic spirituality that students can relate to and integrate into their lives, in a real and “juicy” way.
Yin Fascial Yoga Certificate with Beta Lisboa
The objective of this multi-layered program is to deepen your yoga knowledge and self-development through the study and practice of yin yoga, mindfulness meditation and myofascial release. You will enhance your teaching skills, gain a deeper understanding of connective tissue, including how it functions in our bodies – and critically, the connection between the fascia and traumas that are being held. The program will provide you with comprehensive lessons on the physical and energetic systems of the body through a series of lectures, hands-on practice, practical demonstrations and videos.

This program is consistently sought after by yoga practitioners looking to deepen or transform their practice. It particularly appeals to people seeking a holistic understanding of physical and energetic benefits of a balanced yoga practice and lifestyle. This program is useful to students who are intrigued by the emotional psychosomatic release experience and would like to bring this to their teaching and practice. A great strength of this program lies in the diversity of presented  subjects and the students it attracts, which will also enrich your learning experience.

Yin Fascial Yoga is an integrative Daoist yoga with long-held postures and the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine healing the organs as it works in open up the body meridians. Together with self-myofascial release accessed by a conscious slow movement and mindfulness, it aims to brings you into full awareness of emotional and physical trauma and become more aware of how the mind reacts to body’s sensations and feelings.

The Venue
This 200 hour yoga teacher training retreat will take place at the beautiful, beachfront, eco-friendly Bamboo Yoga Retreat on Patnem beach, Goa. There are 2 yoga platforms, one of which has stunning views overlooking the Arabian Sea! And the other with a quieter temple energy looking out on to open green tropics.
This training is a perfect opportunity to learn how to teach yoga in a nurturing, healthy, supportive environment, where you can really unwind deeply as you move deeper into your practice. One of the advantages of training on an intensive retreat as opposed to the longer trainings, is that you can totally immerse yourself in the work involved, with the support of a group, with no interruptions from usual responsibilities; Bamboo retreat can offer you the chance to discover depths in your yoga practice in an environment that supports healing and rejuvenation. The waves of the ocean will lull you into a peaceful sleep after an active day of Yoga. Each ensuite beach hut at Bamboo Yoga Retreat either has a view of the ocean or is set in their garden. Huts are ensuite with western style toilets and showers.

On successful graduation of the course, students will receive Green Lotus certification for 200 hr TTC. In addition, Beta will be giving her separate Yin Yoga Training 40 hours certificate. As Green Lotus Yoga is a registered school with Yoga Alliance U.K and U.S, this means that you can work as a professional yoga teacher anywhere around the world.