Yoga Teacher Training Portugal
@ Yogamoves, Gort, Galway
July 11th – August 1st, 2020

Carol Murphy and Tashi Dawa join forces to bring you this incredible training, which combines Progressive Vinyasa and the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method. Carol is the owner and primary trainer with Green Lotus Yoga teacher training school. She has been leading teacher trainings internationally for 12 years. Tashi Dawa is a KPJAYI Authorised level 2 Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher leading intensive practice retreats in Europe and Australia. She is the founder of This Yoga Life Collective.Together they combine their talents to offer you a comprehensive and in – depth methodology to draw you deeper into all areas of your practice and prepare you to teach yoga anywhere in the world.  

On this training you can expect to move deeper into relationship with your authentic self and learn how to spread the teachings of yoga from that place. You will be challenged to move beyond  self-limiting beliefs that hold you back from moving forward towards your goal. This is a physically, mentally and spiritually demanding experience. It is both intense and wonderfully rewarding.
Many have told us it has been life-changing.

Develop your asana practice and apply the wisdom from your journey to guiding others.
Learn to teach Progressive vinyasa and creatively weave together vinyasa threads for all levels.
Learn the fundamentals of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method and be able to lead, support and assist half primary series.
Develop your individual teaching voice and learn how to share the gifts of yoga with confidence and ease.
Delve into the depths of subtle anatomy and energetics, pranayama and meditation.
Learn how to share the ancient philosophy teachings within a modern dynamic practice.
 Learn about the business of yoga; develop your business and your brand and learn how to share your offerings creatively and effectively.

Free membership for our Teachers Mentorship Programme.
Free invitation for all graduates to any 200 hr trainings in any venue, to refresh your knowledge and join us for practice.
GLY Graduates discount on any future workshops or CPD trainings. 

July 11th-August 1st 2020.
Runs over 21 days/ 20 nights.

Students will meet in Faro airport on the 11th and group transfer to the centre together. We start with a welcome circle at 4 p.m. after lunch and settling in. We finish on the 1st with a morning practice before breakfast before departure.

​The day starts as 7 a.m and finishes at 6 p.m with hour long breaks for breakfast and lunch.
There will be 2 half days days off to relax and renew.

Orada is a family-run sustainable eco-retreat with stunning views in a spectacular setting. Located at Portugal’s Southwest Atlantic Coast, bordering the Algarve, Monte Orada retreat in an amazing eco-property 20 mins from spectacular wild Surf beaches and the tranquil countryside of Alentejo. Surrounded by nature to encorage the experience of re-connection to the earth, each other and ourselves.

1,5 hours away from Faro airport and 2,5 hours away from Lisbon, this evergreen valley is an abundant oasis where two creeks come together, nourishing an ancient lush forest and wildlife vistas.


Early Bird : €1300 (to be paid before March 11th
Regular Price : €1500

 €1690- Bunks or Loft  – to be added to tuition fees
€ 1816 – Bungalows  – to be added to tuition fees

The Art of Teaching Yoga training manual in PDF
Progressive Vinyasa Training manual in PDF
3 meals and a day and use of facilities

Flights, transfers and books

Please fill in our online application form or email us directly at to register.


TASHI DAWA Tashi is a KPJAYI Authorised level 2 Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher whose objective is to lead each student to develop and adore their daily yoga self-practice. Tashi offers retreats, mentorship programmes and workshops to support healing through embodiment, friendship, immersion in nature, joy and contemplation. Currently she teaches Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Embodied Mindfulness on some of the most successful yoga retreats in Europe. She is one of the proud founders of This Yoga Life Collective a group of experienced practitioners immersed in the wisdom teachings of yoga, holistic nutrition, herbalism and meditation. Tashi also  teaches regular classes for Ekhart Yoga in Holland.

CAROL MURPHY, Carol started Green Lotus Yoga teacher training school in 2007. She has graduated over 450 teachers from her training throughout Ireland and abroad. She has travelled with her work, teaching in London, California, India, South Africa, Morocco and Spain and trains students from all over the world on her intensive trainings. Her background is in Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vinyasa. Carol is also a qualified Neuro-muscular therapist and anatomy geek. She also has a degree in philosophy. certs in Ayurveda and yoga therapy from India, is a trained Yin teacher, Tantra teacher and Kundalini Trance Dance teacher. In 2020 she will train as a Embodied Movement teacher which combines Somatics and Feldenkrais.



This programme offers you a combination of Progressive Vinyasa and Ashtanga Vinyasa.
Progressive Vinyasa is a style of vinyasa, developed by Carol Murphy that is breath-centred, flowing, creative and holistic. It is called “progressive” because it incorporates modern vinyasa approaches and also because the sequencing progresses students forward in their development, using an intelligence based on cutting edge knowledge of yoga anatomy and universal principles of alignment. Progressive Vinyasa also embraces the wisdom of subtle energetics and incorporates pranayama techniques to strengthen and nourish the inner body and the mind. Even though this approach to vinyasa is in many respects western in orientation, it is infused with the wisdom of Patanjali, Vedic and Tantric philosophies, touching the heart of yoga.
Ashtanga Vinyasa is a system based upon Krishnamacharya’s teaching of Vinyasa Krama Yoga. This means the systematic step-by-step unfolding of awareness through the observations of breath, bandha, dristi & energetic alignment. The step-by-step approach, called vinyasa, means sequential. It implies intelligent, balanced evolution, and it produces remarkable strength, flexibility, and clarity of mind. Out of the principle of vinyasa different progressive series of postures were created using the movements of the Sun Salutation as links. We will practice and investigate the sequence of the Primary Series with some forays into Intermediate series depending on the practice experience in the group

There are daily Teaching Methodology classes, so that you will feel prepared for the classroom and feel fully equipped to deliver the work after you graduate. You will be taught a specific methodology with sequencing options and alignment principles that create structures to intelligently inform your classes, which also allow enough flexibility for you to develop your own individual teaching voice as an expression of your authentic self and your relationship with the practice.

The yoga anatomy taught on our 200 hr trainings is cutting edge. It incorporates principles of biomechanics, synergy and myofascial meridians. These sessions  allow you to dive into a deeper relationship with your body on and off the mat. They also equip you to understand other people’s bodies in relation to postural holdings and common troubleshooting areas in relation to asana. 


  • Witness based meditations
  • Pure awareness meditation – somatic meditations on the body
  • The 5 sheaths meditation
  • Kundalini chakra meditations
  • Heart based meditations
  • Kundalini Trance Dance (this is done once over the TTC and is optional) 
  • A collection of traditional pranayamas to cleanse the panic body.

The philosophy on our trainings is delivered in a non-dogmatic way and invites group discussion where all beliefs and opinions are respected. We use class discussions, circles, artwork, chanting, empathetic listening and meditation processes to explore Patanjali’s sutras.  This exploration aims to strengthen the mind, emotions and spirit and create a spiritual rock to lean on in times of need, deeper insight into our true nature and a deeper sense of worth that lies inherent in our being. It is a true blessing to be able to explore this work within a group and many students have told us that this part of the training has been life changing for them.


  • A copy of ‘The Art of Teaching Manual’ in PDF
  • A copy of “Progressive Vinyasa 200 hr TTC Manual” in PDF
  • “Teaching yoga beyond the poses”, Sage Rountree and Alexandra De Siat


  • “One Simple thing” , Eddie Stern. 
  • “Bringing Yoga to Life” Donna Farhi
  • “The mirror of Yoga’ – Richard Freeman



Orada is located in south west Portugal, 30 minutes from the Costa Alentejano.
Faro airport is approximately 1.5 hours away, Lisbon airport, 2.5 hours.
Orada is located at these coordinates on Google maps. 37.5287051, -8.6840139


ARRIVAL: Our recommendation would be to fly into Faro (best option) or Lisbon to arrive mid morning on July 11th, or if that is not possible to arrive the night before and stay locally. 

We can arrange arrival taxi transfers. 

Costs are shared by the group : €150 (4 or 8 seater) from Faro and €220 (8 seater) from Lisbon.

Shared between 8 it would be around €30 each.

When you confirm your flight or other arrival details we can coordinate shared transport with others arriving around the same time.

DEPARTURE: We leave on August 1st after breakfast.When booking your return flights, please allow transfers times to the airport in addition to your check in times, if you are travelling on that day.

Shared departure taxi transfers will leave Orada Retreat after breakfast on August 1st. 


If you are planning to hire a car its a great opportunity to car share with others. If you are hiring a car and will have a spare seat or two, please let us know your time of arrival and departure so we can put you in touch with someone who may need a lift.


It is possible to take a bus or train to the region, but a final 30-minute taxi transfer would be required to bring you to Orada. The costs for that 30 minute private taxi would work out about the same as a shared group taxi from Faro or Lisbon.

Nearest towns are Santa Teotonio and Santa Clara Saboia.

Buses –

Trains –


Is there any pre-requisites to entering this training ? 

We advise 2 years practice before embarking on a Yoga TTC. This is enough time to give students a firm foundation for the work involved on a TTC and also gives people a base to reach the level expected for graduation. Sometimes people achieve this foundation after a year or so of practice; there are always exceptions, but as a general, we recommend 2 years. If you are unsure if you have enough experience, please contact us at

What style of yoga will I be trained to teach?

On this training we put a lot of focus on preparing trainees for the classroom. The style of yoga trainees are trained to teach is called Progressive Vinyasa. This is a style of vinyasa that is flowing, creative and intelligent. As this style of yoga is flexible in nature, teachers also have the option of calling the classes that they teach alignment based Hatha yoga,  Flow yoga or Power yoga, Core flow etc. As this particular training also offers Ashtanga Yoga, students will be also taught how to teach the first half of Primary series and so can also teach Ashtanga yoga. As Progressive Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga are very compatible in nature, sharing the same core principles and many poses in their sequencing, students can also combines the 2 offering a fusion of Ashtanga based Vinyasa. 

Will I have the opportunity to teach on the training course?

Yes you will. There are daily Teaching Methodology classes. You will start teaching one person one pose. Then graduate to teaching small groups of 3. Then finally you will teach the whole class for your final assessment. 

Is it ok to do teacher training just for self-development and to deepen my practice?

Yes it is. Lots of people have done this training as self development. Some have also started it for themselves and ended up teaching… Its completely up to you.

How is the course assessed?

Anatomy- There is 6 open book assessments for anatomy. 
There may also be assessment circles where we ask questions randomly about alignment, to make sure everyone completely understands these principles. We have a 100% pass rate on this section.

Philosophy- this subject is not assessed, but there may be exercises for off time study.

Asana – We work towards level 3 posture work and all students practice to their own level, modifying when necessary. After graduation, teachers teach to the level they can practice comfortably. If a trainee’s personal practice needs a lot of work, on graduation, we sometimes recommend that these teachers teach level 1 only for a year or so as they continue to develop their practice.

Teaching Methodology- Students prepare an hour long class and teach the class to the group on the last week of the training. We start preparation for this exercise on day one so students will be very prepared. We want trainees to leave not only with a cert, but also with the ability to prepare a class and the knowledge that they can teach it confidently and clearly.

How many students are in the group ?

Numbers are capped to 25 students.

Is this training course registered or is this course qualified me to be a teacher?

This training is registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals (aka Yoga Alliance UK) and Yoga Alliance USA – graduates of this program can therefore register with either body at a 200 hrs level. If at some point you wanted to continue your studies, you will be able to do it with an American or European training school. Yoga Alliance U.S and U.K are the most recognised Yoga registration body world wide. This certification will qualify you to teach Yoga anywhere in the world.

What is the cost of membership and insurance with Yoga Alliance Professional (U.K)?

The cost for the membership and insurance (only UK and EIRE residents) is £120/year and Y.A.P waives the £35 sign up fee if you sign up within 14 days from your graduation.
Can I teach teens after this training ? 
In order to teach teens, a teacher should have completed a children’s teacher training course to teach groups of children under the age of 16. If however a child between the age of 12-16 wants to join an adult class, then they can so long as they are with a parent or guardian and have a written consent from from their parent or guardian. 
Anyone teaching groups of children (in the absence of a parent or guardian) should have CRB (or equivalent) document check and if they are members of YAP, they should send this to us, so we can keep this on their file.
Please note it is a condition of the policy that all records are kept for a minimum of 7 years after the client has reached the age of 18.

Will I have study time on the TTC?

Yes you will. You will have time to study in the evenings and on your days off. Students often like to group study to make it more interesting and fun and have the support of your group. You will also be give “non-contact hours” to practice adjustments etc.

Will I have free time?

Yes, on an intensive there is 3 Saturdays off to rest and avail of local activities.


Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

A lot of students like to bring their own, but there are mats supplied.

Are my flights included in the price?

No flights or transfers are not included in the price

Do I need to read any books before the training?

You don’t need to read any books before the training. However if you want to be really prepared, you can start reading the books of the reading list in advance. Its completely up to you.

Is there cloth washing facilities?

There are laundry options for 5 euros per wash. 

Does the Centre cater for food intolerances, vegan diet etc ?

The food served on retreat is 100% vegetarian and served buffet style. There will be plenty of options to cater for gluten intolerances and for vegans (just don’t eat the bread and the dairy obviously!)

If you have any severe food allergies please let us know so we can inform the kitchen. If you need individual catering specifically for a special diet, this will be charged extra (€15 per day).

Please respect the policies of Orada retreat and don’t bring meat, fish or alcohol onto the premises.

What will the weather be like ?

The average temperature in is 26 degrees to 31 degrees, with 12hrs of sunshine, 


There are direct flights from most central airports into Seville or Malaga with a number of Airlines, Seville is the closest airport to the retreat centre.  If possible aim for a morning flight to allow time for you to travel to the centre.

What is the start time and end time of the training?

The training will start at 4-5pm on the day of arrival and then 7am the following day, it will finish after practice on the last day and breakfast at 10am.

Do we need a visa?

Not normally if you are travelling from a European destination, however if you coming from outside of Europe it is best to check with the airline that you book your flight with.

Do I need vaccinations?

There are no recommended vaccinations for Portugal.

Do I need mosquito repellent?

It is always advisable to take a mosquito spray or lotion if you are susceptible to bites, there is window netting in the indoor rooms.  Nets are available if required.

How many people share the toilet and showers for the dorm accommodation?

The larger dorm of 8 has two showers, and two toilets for its own use.

Do I need medical travel insurance?

We advise travel insurance.

Is there a ATM at the airport our facilities for me to change money?

Yes there will be ATM’s at the airport and in the shop they take Visa & Debit Cards & Euro’s.

What should I bring with me?

To respect the natural ecological sanctuary of the Orada property please only bring Eco/biodegradable personal products. No petroleum-based products, as they will pollute the delicate bio-system. If you prefer that we provide these basic toiletries for you then you can purchase basics from us when you arrive.

We suggest that you bring

  • yoga clothing
  • bikini or bathing wear
  • sun screen
  • notepad and pens
  • the books on your reading list

 If there is any questions that are not on this list, please email us

Secure your place now with deposit or pay in full.
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