Yoga Therapy Training

This training is an extension of the Green Lotus Yoga 300 hr Advanced Yoga training. The 300 hr Advanced training incorporates many aspects of yoga therapy but in order to qualify as a ‘therapist’ by Y.A.P standards (aka Yoga Alliance U.K) students also need to complete just one more CPD training. Details of this CPD, which is taught by Medha Hernandez will be added very shortly. 




Our approach to Yoga therapy

On this training, we cover the most common illnesses across the different body systems. Therapists will also train in Yin yoga which recognises energetic meridians in relation to health and well-being. The main focus on this training, however, is the Neuro-muscular Yoga Therapy which combines neuro-muscular principles with Yoga asana and myofascial release. 

The Neuro-muscular Yoga Therapy teaches students how to assess common dysfunctional postural holding patterns and injuries using the art of differential diagnosis. These dysfunctions are treated very specifically using the methods a neuromuscular therapist would use, but instead of using palpation like a regular hands on therapist, the yoga therapist shows their clients specific asanas and myofascial release techniques that work on the individual muscles that can create imbalances in the myofascia, which in turn create lack of mobility and the experience of pain in the client. 

In addition, students will learn how the muscles of the body are connected into what are called “Anatomy trains” and ‘fascial bands” – this approach, known as the functional approach in Physical therapy, acknowledges how everything in the body is connected and therapists are taught to look for the source of the problem as opposed to merely addressing the immediate symptoms, The Green Lotus Yoga approach to yoga therapy also works on releasing mental and emotional tension that houses itself in the body. In the words of Tom Myers, “our issues are in our tissues”: our body holds unconscious tension patterns that can create limitations in our daily lives, yoga practice or sport. 

This training will prepare teachers to work alongside doctors, physiotherapists, physical therapists, osteopaths, etc, to assist in the healing process of individuals who have chronic injuries or other health-related conditions.. Yoga therapists are complimentary therapists. They are not trained to give medical diagnosis; this will always be done by a medically trained specialist.