Yoga Workshops Dundalk Nov 12th

Nov 12th
Dundalk Yoga Collective
with Carol Murphy
Warrior on the beach

Warrior Within
10.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m
This workshops explores themes of strength, stepping into your power and finding trust and courage to find your warrior within. We will work predominantly with standing pose threads, core poses and backbends to find your edge and challenge your comfort zone, just enough for you to be able to rise above the mental obstacles that hold you back. In this way we use challenging poses, not only to perfect them, but also to offer you this opportunity to step into your strength and move beyond self-limiting beliefs and redundant patterns that limit you from the best version of you. 

Pre-requisites : A willingness to shine !
Price 35 euros or 60 for both. Paypal link at end of page.


Releasing old patterns ; creating space for new beginnings 
2.00 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.

Chakras 3 croppedThis workshop uses therapy balls to release the fascia of the body in relation to the Chakras, or psycho-energetic centres. When we work with the chakras, we work with the body-mind connection (how physcial/postural patterns and general health can connect with emotional and karmic holdings) in relation to the CNS and Endocrine system: as Tom Myers, world renown body therapist tells us, ‘our issues are in our tissues”. This form of myofascial release uses the therapy balls to bypass the cognitive layer of old patterning in order to dive deeper into the fascial body-mind layers where these patterns unconsciously dwell in order to make positive changes and deeper release. The workshop will conclude with a long deep Yoga Nidra to create space for deeper healing and respiration. 

Open to all levels.
Pre-requisite: A willingness to release, relax and be open to new change.