Raw Pantry

High-vibration Ananda bars

These really are amazing bars that I put together over a few trial and error attempts. Super, nourishing ingredients….. tasty tasty and really delicious…. I call these Ananda bars, because Ananda is the sanskrit for “bliss” and the omegas activate the bliss body by nourishing

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Raw Pantry

The bizbombshit Raw chocolate chip cookies

These are the biz, the bomb and the shit all in one. Now made possible because Isvari are now selling Raw Oats !! Raw oats are so hard to get. I found them in the U.K but they are so expensive to ship over, so

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Raw chocolate easter eggs

       Easter is approaching so I reckon its a good reason to prepare some Raw chocolate  ! And so easy to make. Here is my recipe: For the chocolate shell. 250g Isvari Raw Cacoa Butter 125g of Isvari Raw Cacoa powder 100g of

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Bandha and Ujjaji breath

This pranayama works really well in conjunction with a Vinyasa practice, as it works in conjunction with the Bandha or “locks”. It is also used in Yoga therapy as a seated pranayama to arrest panic attacks and calm a fearful mind. Enjoy <3      

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