Slow Flow Foundations

September 14th-15th, October 12th-13th 2024

Slow Flow Foundations offers teachers an opportunity to develop confidence in teaching Slow Flow Yoga. This can then be combined with Yin for Yin Fusion classes or used in gentle Yoga Therapy Programmes and Somatic Unwindings. It is also a great training if your primary foundation training did not incorporate Vinyasa or Flow Yoga. The style of Flow is largely inspired by Vini Yoga, a form of Vinyasa used in Yoga Therapy, developed by TKV Desikichar. 

Please note, this CPD training is for registered teachers or trainees. It is not a foundation training.

Meet Your Teacher

Carol Murphy is the founder and lead trainer with Green Lotus Yoga. In addition to her many qualifications, she is the creator of the Progressive Vinyasa method and has trained in Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vini Yoga, from the Krishnamacharya Lineage. 

On this training, she integrates all of her knowledge and training to bring you Slow Flow Foundations. 



Training Fees

One weekend – €250 
Both Weekends : €400

This Training is registered with Yoga Alliance as 40 CE credits and can also be taken as a module in the 300 hr Therapeutic Yoga Training and the 200 hr Yin Fusion Training

Training Fees include PDF manual. 

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