The Functional Yoga Anatomy and Alignment Training is a 20 hr On-demand training. 

It is suitable for students who wish to explore yoga anatomy and alignment or Teachers who wish to learn where Yoga Anatomy and Alignment connect in the comfort of their own home. It is especially intended for teachers who still feel that they do not understand the body and howe to apply anatomy knowledge into postural alignment. It is also an excellent foundation for the Functional Yoga Therapy CPD training

This training is backed up by an in-depth manual and access to the Members Online Training Platform

It is also possible to attend live Monthly Anatomy sessions related to the same content at no extra charge. These classes are part of the GLY 200 hr Yoga Training and can be assessed Saturdays, one a month, 11.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.

Upon completion of the training, you will have access to the GLY Members Online Training Platform, where you can re-watch the live lectures whenever you like.

Teachers who complete this CPD can use the 20 hours towards CE credits and towards building up towards 300 hr GLY accreditation.


Course Content

  • Yoga Synergy - Its all conneced
  • The science of Fascia
  • Myology the study of muscles
  • The science of stretching
  • Standing poses - anatomy and alignment breakdown
  • Hip openers - anatomy and alignment breakdown
  • Core - anatomy and alignment breakdown
  • Twists -anatomy and alignment breakdown
  • Backbends -anatomy and alignment breakdown
  • Inversions and arm balances - anatomy and alignment breakdown

Your Teacher

Carol Murphy is the lead trainer and creator of Green Lotus Yoga. She has been teaching yoga in Ireland and around the globe for over 20 years and has been training yoga teachers as her primary vocation for 16 years. She is also a Neuromuscular Physical Therapist with a love for anything anatomy and alignment. Her focus is looking at the body synergistically and integrates modern theories of Fascia into her teachings.

Carol has written the course manual which many students rave about. It incorporates a 108 page muscle map illustrating all of the major muscles in the body in large bright images for your easy learning. She is also training to be a FRC® Mobility Specialist (FRCms).

Carol is also the inspiration behind the Progressive Vinyasa methodology. She loves to teach creative, alignment infused flows and threads that open the body safely and deeply in planes of motion.

The Align Training is a great training for you if : 

  • You do not feel that you have a good understanding of anatomy and alignment after your primary 200 hr training.
  • You are interested in the Functional and Somatic Yoga Therapy modules in June and July 2024 and want a foundation to understand the teachings of these modules.
  • You want to understand the body better, whether that is in relation to Yin, Restorative or Vinyasa yoga.
  • You want to understand where yoga alignment and anatomy connect in relation to yoga poses.
  • You want to understand your own body for your own journey.
  • You want to understand yoga anatomy in relation to functional movement, joint stability and apply alignment cues that help to stabilise the joints.
  • You are a teacher who wants to inspire trust in your students and use anatomy and somatic knowledge to inform your teachings.

Start any time!

As this training is on-demand you can start at any time and have on-going access to the training online.  You can access the E-book Align from the Welcome section of the training and use the book as your reading as you take the course. There are online quizzes at the end of each course section. These quizzes are easy enough to complete once you have watched the videos and understand the content. The quizzes insure that you have a firm foundation in the work and that you leave the training with an in-depth knowledge of your subject. This will enable you to work with bodies effectively and confidently in addition to understanding your own body more. 

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