Upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings

200 hr Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training

The Signature Training

40 hr Yoga and Women's Health CPD Training

Yoga and Women's Health CPD Training

Learn how to Deeply Heal, Restore and Embrace your Feminine Receptivity

300 hr Advanced Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training

300 hr Therapeutic Yoga Training

Develop your therapeutic skills & reach a larger student base

20 hr Yoga and Ayurveda CPD Training

Yoga & Ayurveda Training

Integrate ancient Ayurvedic teachings into your classes

200 hr Yoga Fusion Teacher Training

200 hr Yoga Fusion Training

Combines Yin, Restorative, Hatha & Vinyasa

50 hr SomaRoll Yoga CPD Training

SomaRoll Yoga Therapy Training

Combining Myofascial Release Therapy, Mobility and Pranayama

100 hr Yin & Restorative Training

Yin & Restorative CPD Training

Yin and Restorative CPD Yoga Training

20 hr On-Demand Anatomy Yoga Training

20 hr On-demand Anatomy & Alignment training

Yoga Align - where yoga anatomy and alignment connect

40 hr Energy Medicine CPD Training

Energy Medicine Training

Connecting Subtle energetics with Gentle Flow

20 hr Breath Coach Training

Breath Coach Training

Learn the science & therapeutics of breathing
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Next Upcoming CPD Training

Functional Yoga Therapy

All of our trainings are registered with Yoga Alliance


Green Lotus Yoga was established in 2007 by Carol Murphy as a Yoga Teacher Training School.  Carol is teaching yoga 27 years and training yoga teachers in Ireland and internationally for the past 16 years. Her teachings are varied, ranging from the Progressive Vinyasa that she teachers on the Hatha Vinyasa 200 hr training, to Yin, Restorative, Breathwork and Yoga Therapy. 

The Green Lotus Yoga studio, Yogamoves is situated in Gort, Co. Galway. All of the GLY trainings are hybrid trainings and can be taken in the studio or on Zoom. Additionally, Carol has developed an online studio as a resource for trainees and students of all levels. 


THE-ART-OF-TEACHING-YOGA-2104-cropped1-235x300 “The Art of Teaching Yoga” is a manual for yoga teacher and trainees.  This 169 page book  offers clear and concise detail outlining yoga instruction, alignment details, common weaknesses teachers need to look out for in the classroom, adjustments and more on a variety of asanas from beginners to advanced. There is also a large section on “Teaching Skills” covering topics such as the importance of observation and demonstration, sequencing, structuring, pacing and principles of vinyasa. This manual is used on all of the Green Lotus Yoga Teacher Trainings. It is also becoming popular with teachers who have trained in other schools who wish to deepen their knowledge of all aspects of teaching yoga. Many students say it has become their bible for class planning and reference. A must for teachers and trainees who would like to expand their knowledge of yoga and gain more confidence in their teaching skills.
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