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Take your teaching to the next level! This 300-hour Advanced Therapeutic Yoga Training is suitable for teachers who have already completed their 200-hour Yoga Training or are currently a trainee on a 200-hour programme. 

During your 200-hour training, you learned the basics and found your teaching voice. Now, it is time to dive deeper and add to your foundation. This will not only connect you deeper with your path for your own journey, but you will also be able to teach a greater range of students with more therapeutic yoga tools.

We will teach you how to make safe asana modifications in relation to Restorative, Yin, Hatha and Slow Flow Yoga so everyone can benefit from your classes. You will learn intelligent asana sequencing and how to align it with your classes’ energetic and spiritual themes. You will also dive deeper into the spiritual, psychological and philosophical aspects of Yoga. You’ll gain a much greater understanding of the anatomy and physiology of Yoga. You will graduate with more depth of spirit, competence and confidence!

This curriculum can also serve as a pathway into IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training.  

You may take your courses in any order.
* Denotes compulsory modules for 300 hr certification

Upcoming CPD / Modules

Heal, Trauma Informed Training

April 13th-14th 2024

With Carol Murphy

Yoga, meditation and breathwork for trauma, depression, grief and anxiety.
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Breath Coach

April 27th-28th 2024

With Carol Murphy

On this training, you will learn everything you need to know about the breath in relation to regulating the autonomic nervous system. You will also learn how to adapt breathing to regulate the stress response in relation to a number of health and auto-immune issues.
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Energy Medicine

May 11th - 12th 2024
This training covers Slow Flow in relation to vayus and how they connect with physiological processes and the systems of the body. It also works with Chakras, Mudras and Pranayama.
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Functional & Somatic Yoga Therapy

June 8th-9th, July 27th-28th 2024

With Carol Murphy

This training is for yoga teachers that already have good base in yoga anatomy and want to develop their therapeutic knowledge. This training offers programmes for a myriad of physical issues such as dropped arches, Valgus and Varus knee, hip bursitis, sacroillitis, pelvic tilt, frozen shoulder, acromium bursitis, scoliosis etc.
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SomaRoll Yoga Therapy

August 24th-25th 2024

With Carol Murphy

SomaRoll is a form on Myofascial Release Therapy. The structure of this training is : 24 hrs On-demand content 16 hrs studio or Zoom 10 hours home reading and assessments
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Yoga & The Stages of Menopause

September - 28th-29th 2024

With Niamh Daly

Niamh Daly will teach an exploration of the Pelvic Floor, nutritional Support for gut health, xenoestrogens and the liver, stages of the female cycle – Pre/Peri and post Menopause, HPO/HPA Axis.
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Slow Flow Foundations

September 14th-15th, October 12th-13th 2024

With Carol Murphy

This Yin and Restorative Yoga CPD Training combines both methods offering you a deep healing and rejuvenation practice
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Yin & Restorative 100 hr Yoga Training

November 2024 - Feb 2025

With Carol Murphy

This Yin and Restorative Yoga CPD Training combines both methods offering you a deep healing and rejuvenation practice
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Ayurveda and Women's Health

March 15th-16th 2025

With Carol Murphy

Learn self-care methods and practice for your dosha (constitution)
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Functional Yoga Anatomy & Alignment Training


With Carol Murphy

This training is for students who did 200 hr training without in-depth anatomy and alignment and want deeper knowledge. This training teaches a combination of biomechanics and biotensegrity (fascial -based anatomy). It consists of 16 hrs of on-demand content and offers 20 Y.A CE credits. It is backed up by a detailed manual. 
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Yoga Asana and Teaching Methodology

Ongoing Jan-Oct

With Carol Murphy

This Module consists of monthly 2hr Asana classes and optional Teaching Methodology Classes where students learn the Progressive Vinyasa methodology, a form of alignment based Vinyasa.
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Dates and Deets

  • April 13th – 14th 2024- Heal, Trauma Sensitive Training
  • April 27th – 28th 2024– Breath Coach
  • May 11th – 12th 2024– Energy Medicine
  • June 8th – 9th 2024– Functional Yoga Therapy 1
  • July 27th – 28th 2024– Functional Yoga Therapy 2 
  • August 24th-25th 2024– SomaRoll, Myofascial Mobility 
  • September 28th-29th 2024– Yoga And The Stages of Menopause
  • September 14th-15th 2024– Slow Flow Foundations
  • October 12th – 13th  2024– Slow Flow Foundations
  • November 9th-10th 2024– Yin and Restorative
  • December 14th -15th 2024– Yin and Restorative
  • January  18th-19th 2025 – Yin and Restorative
  • February 15th-16th 2025 – Yin and Restorative
  • March 15th – 16th 2025 – Women’s Health – The Cycle and Menopause in relation to TCM and Ayurveda
  • Heal, Trauma Sensitive Training – 20 hrs – Elective
  • Breath Coach – 20 hrs – Required
  • Energy Medicine  – 20 hrs – Elective
  • Functional Yoga Therapy 1 & 2 – 40 hrs  – Elective
  • SomaRoll, Myofascial Mobility – 20 hrs, 32 hrs, or 50 hrs – Elective
  • Slow Flow Foundations 1 & 2 – 40 hrs – Elective 
  • Yin and Restorative  – 100 hrs – Required 
  • Women’s Health – In relation to TCM and Ayurveda – 20 hrs – Elective

This Yoga Alliance Registered training is suitable for qualified Yoga Teachers who have completed a 200 hr Yoga Training or equivalent.  Your 200 hr does not have to be recognised or registered with Y.A.  Y.A have given GLY permission to assess eligibility.  Therefore if your 200 hr foundation training is not Y.A recognised, you can jump into the Y.A system after you complete the 300 hr and register as. SYT, Senior Yoga Teacher at a 300 hr level or a 500 hr level. 

Please note that this training does not qualify graduates as yoga therapists. In affiliation with IAYT  (International Association of Yoga Therapy) protocol, to become recognised as a yoga therapist requires 800 hrs of Yoga therapy training after the 200 hr foundation training. GLY is working towards providing the full 800 hrs Yoga Therapy Certification and this 300 hr can be used as the first stage towards the full 800 hrs programme.


Training Fees

Option 1

Pay in One Single Payment  – €2900
and save €300 

Option 2

Pay Per Month – €250 per month x 12 months plus €200 deposit (based on fees at €3200)

Option 3

Pay Per Module – For this option please go to the individual module for fees. Based on Fees at €3200. 

Special Offer

Sign up for the training with €200 deposit plus payment for one module or the full 300 hr fee before April 30th and receive the “Align – Functional Yoga Anatomy and Alignment” 20-hr, on-demand training free.

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