Functional Yoga Therapy Training

April 29th-30th, May 27th-28th 2023

The Functional Yoga Therapy training is designed for yoga teachers that already have a good yoga anatomy knowledge and want to develop their therapeutic knowledge. It is ideal if you already have some knowledge of some muscle functions and agonist/antagonist relationships. If you do not have this knowledge, I reccommend that you start with the Functional Yoga Anatomy and Alignment Training.  This Functional Yoga Therapy CPD applies the knowledge of individual muscle funcions and dual actions (Reciprocal Inhibition relating to agonist and antagonists relations in the body) to individual Asana and breathwork programmes for a myriad of physical issues such as dropped arches, Valgus and Varus knee, hip bursitis, sacroillitis, pelvic tilt, frozen shoulder, acromium bursitis, scoliosis etc. 

This training is held over 2 weekends. It can be taken in the Yogamoves studio in Gort or on Zoom. It is backed up with a detailed manual. 

Functional Yoga Therapy Training​ Fees

Full payment – €450

Early Bird – €400

Deposit – €200

Early Bird Count Down


This training can work towards 300 hr Advanced Therapeutic Certification.


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