Rolling admissions - start any time!

24 hrs on-demand online training with detailed manual  plus
One weekend that can be taken on-land or online .
Start at any time by signing up for the on-demand section of the training.
Depending on your schedule, this could take you 1-6 months to complete the 24 hrs of video content and assessment quizzes. 
Next weekend date in September 24-25th 2022 and will be held in Yogamoves, Gort, Galway.

The Method

The SomaRoll Yoga Method is an integrative, embodiment practice. It combines Myofascial Release Therapy and gentle mobility-inspired yoga. The mobility-yoga exercises work on stabilising the joints and neutralising muscle imbalances relating to bad posture, excess sitting, repetitive stress etc. Muscle imbalances can also lead to other more serious issues such as bursitis, nerve impingement and sciatica to name but a few. Myofascial Release Therapy is not like the ordinary myofascial release that you see at the gym. We use tools and techniques that are suitable for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, sacroiliitis, fasciitis and other inflammatory conditions to help reduce inflammation. The method also works on re-setting the auto-pilot nervous system response in relation to how stress and trauma express themselves in your somatic body, through the waves, arches and domes that create stability through the fascial system.

A 100% science-based Mind-body method

This is a science based training. All of the methods and techniques are based on modern scientifically-proved fascial research. 15 years ago scientists took fascia out of the laboratory bins when dissecting cadavers and began to examine it. Up until this point, they thought it was just a dead clingfilm-like material that surrounds the muscles and organs. Since then a whole new field of science was emerged that addresses the mind-body connection and that acknowledges the impact of stress, trauma and depression on our bodies. This method explains and utilises the teachings of ‘biotensegrity’, or fascial based anatomy to create somatic experiences of embodied states of well-being, beyond tension. It allows you be become your own physical therapist, to address your stress levels on a daily basis and to live in a pain-free body without taking addictive and toxic meditations.  It will empower you to take the steps towards knowing yourself as an embodied and sovereign human who can experience comfort in your body and peace in your mind. 

What you will learn

An in-depth exploration of what Fascia is

Myofascial release tools and methods

Balancing the autopilot techniques and scripts

Myofascial meridians (Anatomy trains)

Targeting the joints in relation to common therapeutic issues, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, sacro-iliac gapping etc.

Muscle Mapping
Endangerment sites

Integrating Myofascial release with Yin, Hatha and mobility

“Issues in our tissues” – the emotional connection

Who is this training suitable for ?

  • Yoga Teachers who want to expand their offerings 
  • Fitness- & Personal Trainers
  • Physiotherapists, physical therapist  & Osteopaths
  • Group Fitness Instructors
  • Anyone who wants to empower themselves by learning a method to work with accumulated stress and tension
  • Anyone who wants to improve their mental health in an embodied way. 
  • Anyone who has been working with depression, anxiety, grief or trauma. 
  • Anyone who is working with a stress related physical or mental condition. 
  • Anyone with unexplained physical symptoms
  • Anyone who wants to learn alternative forms of working with mental and emotional stress and feel better in their bodies.


 The price for the Online and In-person options are the same. The fees are €500 / €450 early bird

If not paying in full immediately, you can secure your place with a €150 deposit. 

Discount price for this training plus the Yin and Restorative CPD Training – €1150 / €1025 early bird

Whats Included

  • A detailed manual with a 108 page muscle map.
  • A comprehensive and illustrated outline of the Myofascial meridians and everything you need to know about the SomaRoll Yoga Therapy Method. 

Book now and start straight away!

Accreditation and building up 300 hr certification

This training is registered with Yoga Alliance as a Continued Professional Development Training.

You can also use this 50 hrs training as credits towards Green Lotus Yoga 300 hr Advanced certification.  In this case, the fees of the training will be deducted from the Advanced Training fees so you can avail of the cheaper rate when you complete the full hours. 


More Information

  • PDF manual supplied
  • 1 x Yoga mat
  • 1 free Zoom account if you are taking the weekend online. The on-demand content can be accessed through the online platform so you will also need to set up an account for yourself. 
  • Soft Gel Hand balls or other small balls suitable for hands and feet. 
  • A soft foam roller. We recommend
  • Two medium sized soft balls in a sock or pouch. We recommend Yoga Tune up therapy balls
  • 1 x short resistance band. I recommend Flexvit 
  • I x metre resistance band. I recommend the UFE fabric resistance band.
  • Optional light ankle weights and/or dumb bells for some of the mobility drills. 

This training is assessed through a series of short online quizzes. The quizzes consist of six questions at the end of every section of the on-demand section of the training, which is 60 questions in all.  These quizzes are easy and ask questions about the most relevant points in each section. They can be completed within 6 months of signing up to the platform to receive certification. 

 The  weekend of the training can be taken on Zoom or in Yogamoves studio in  Gort, Galway. The studio holds 28 people, although this training is capped at 12 to allow for distancing due to COVID (this number may change depending on government legislation). It is fully propped with mats, bolsters, blankets, bricks and belts. It has a kitchen with fridge, kettle etc and separate toilet. It also has changing rooms for students to store their clothes etc. All props are aired for 48 hrs use to ensure there is no spead of the COVID virus. 

Gort is a small town on the edge of the Burren. There are great restaurants close by to eat in and there are lots of airbnb and bnb options ranging from €25-€100 per night for students staying overnight. We can also help you team up with other students to share air BNB if you wish. 

For students availing of the studio option, we recommend:

  • Woodley BNB – Georges Street, Gort. Cheap and cheerful and a stones throw from the studio. 
  • The Lady Gregory Hotel – About 10 mins walk form the studio. Comfortable and clean with spa. 
  • Any air bnbs in the close vaccinity. Kinvara is a lovely place to stay and is about 20 mins drive form Gort with more air BNB options usually. 
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